Bobcat at Home 'Down on the Farm'

Staff | September 28, 2010
Great Bobcat Tractor Pull Contest Winner

John Shepherd's modern-day "Green Acres" story has won a Bobcat CT235 compact tractor and implements package for the Indiana apple orchard and beekeeping operation he shares with his wife. Second prize in the contest was a Bobcat 2200 utility vehicle.

A modern-day "Green Acres" story has topped almost 10,000 entries in the Great Bobcat Tractor Pull contest . . . and won an Indiana couple a CT235 compact tractor and implements package.

Equipment manufacturer Bobcat Company asked people to submit details of how they would use a Bobcat compact tractor to accomplish tasks ranging from common acreage chores to major projects. John Shepherd, of Porter, Ind., about an hour's train ride from Chicago, explained how his wife is a "city girl" and he is "kind of country," but their interests have combined to create an apple orchard and beekeeping operation. They would use a Bobcat tractor to move hive bodies, plant trees and put up fencing, they said in their contest submission.

"We recognize how much our target market can relate to the Shepherds' situation," says Leroy Anderson, Bobcat marketing communication manager. "She prefers the city, he loves the country, and now they have the best of both worlds — along with the typical chores and projects that need tending to on a small- to mid-sized acreage."

Green Acres, indeed!