Bloomsdale Mobilizes 400-Hour Oil Changes

Larry Stewart | September 28, 2010

Construction Equipment's February Great Managers feature presented Steve Fallert's experience extending oil-change intervals of Bloomsdale Excavating's 120 heavy machines from 225 to 350 hours.

This year, Fallert's shop tore down a Cat 3406 engine that had run 6,000 hours of its 11,000-hour life with Mobil Delvac 1300 Super in the crankcase and oil changes every 350 hours. Analysis showed wear and deposits equal to or better than engines the firm had rebuilt after a lifetime of service with the previous oil and 225-hour changes.

Fallert estimates Bloomsdale saves more than $12,000 per year on oil, filters and labor with 350-hour service. In an effort to take full advantage of the oil's capabilities, and increase the savings, Fallert expects the firm will test 400-hour service intervals this summer on a large project near Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.