Young Leaders Wanted

Young Leaders Wanted

May 21, 2013
Young Leaders Wanted

The Under 40 in Construction Equipment Awards program, quietly launched a few weeks ago, has officially been unveiled with the help of our Founding Partner, Trimble. The ad above appears in our May issue.

This program honors those under 40 years old who will lead the industry into the future. We hope to recognize leaders from various disciplines, including equipment users, distributors, manufacturers and others involved in the business.

Under 40 leaders exhibit the following traits: leadership, leveraging technology, inventiveness, interpersonal skills, dedication, personal integrity and technical skills.

Those in the equipment departments across the nation need to heed this opportunity to recognize the excellent talent coming up through the ranks. A little recognition goes a long way, and sometimes can it can be more of an incentive than an annual pay increases and a glowing performance review.

Feel free to nominate yourself, too. If you or someone you know is an up and coming equipment professional, we need to recognize that talent. Apply online today.