Is Biodiesel Gaining Acceptance?

Staff | September 28, 2010

User #1: Any of you running biodiesel in your equipment?

User #2: The price of corn is going through the roof here [in Australia], (up 81 cents at the farm gate) as it can be used for bio-fuels. Canola is currently the No. 1 "raw" source for biodiesel.

User #3: I don't think using used cooking oil is wise. I think it would have problems with contaminants.

I have soydiesel available in my area. I think new vegetable oils are the way to go.

User #2: Like it or not cooking oil is a huge problem to dispose of, a huge source for biodiesel, and very widely used. Google "biodiesel"; there are reams of information.

User #4: Will the biodiesel run in eletronic injectors as well as mechanical injectors?

User #5: I'd like to see in writing what a [engine] manufacturer's position is on this and what effect it will have on the newer engines' components and their warranty.

I'm no expert on fuel chemistry, refining, blending, but it seems to me that increase in use of bio-fuel comes at a bad time when manufacturers are introducing new-technology Tier 3 engines.

User #6: Most equipment manufacturers either openly endorse B5 or tacitly allow its use. They're all striving toward proving that B20 is OK, too. Why? Because B5 is commonly in use in Europe and other parts of the world, and B20 is rapidly becoming more common. Their engines are already burning the stuff. is a user forum where professionals in the heavy-equipment industry can exchange ideas and post questions or comments regarding equipment and related topics. Users include owner/operators, operators, company owners, repair technicians, safety officers and others. Posts have been edited for clarity and content.