Bill Shuster, GOP Chair of Transportation Committee to Retire

January 3, 2018

The Republican representative from Western Pennsylvania announced Tuesday that he intends to use his last year as chairman of the Transportation Committee to work on passing an infrastructure bill. Bill Shuster told the Washington Examiner he wanted to work on the bill without the distraction of a reelection campaign. "I thought it was the best decision for me to focus 100 percent on my final year as the chairman of the Transportation Committee, working with the president and other Democrats and Republicans to pass an infrastructure bill, which is much needed to rebuild America."

Shuster has met with Trump several times to discuss infrastructure plans and is positioning himself to advocate for the administration's soon-to-be-announced infrastructure proposals.

Shuster has held 9th Congressional District seat since 2001. Whether Shuster retired or not, he would not remain chairman of the House committee after this term because House rules limit the gavel to three terms.

His top legislative priority has been removing air traffic control operations from the government and placing them under the authority of a private, non-profit corporation. He has succeeded in winning transportation committee approval for the plan, but the proposal has gone no further.

A signature accomplishment of Mr. Shuster’s tenure was a 2015 measure to fund a five-year, $305 billion transportation bill — the first long-term transportation bill in over a decade. “It was a hard slog, but we got it done,” he told the Post-Gazette at the time.