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Bid-Well Automated Sidewalk Roller

Terex's Bid-Well automated sidewalk roller attaches to the carriage roller frame of a Bid-Well 3600 or 4800 bridge paver, eliminating the need for an additional engine.

April 01, 2009

Terex Bid-Well Automated Sidewalk RollerBy designing the new Bid-Well automated sidewalk roller to attach to the carriage roller frame of either a Bid-Well 3600 or 4800 bridge paver, Terex Roadbuilding not only allows contractors to simultaneously pave a bridge deck and walkway, but also eliminates the need for a separate engine. A three-tier frame hanging system allows flexible positioning of the unit. Introduced at World of Concrete 2009, the hydraulically-powered sidewalk roller uses oil supplied via an 8-gallon pump driven off the same system that propels the machine. While the paver operator controls oil flow to the sidewalk roller from the platform, two levers at the assembly control rotation and forward/reverse movement of the six-inch-diameter roller.

Designed as dedicated haul-and-dump vehicles, the 6-ton Terex site dumpers (models TA6 and TA6s) have a power train that combines a 74-horsepower Tier 4-Final JCB EcoMAX engine with hydrostatic drive.

Weighing in at 3,800 and 6,450 pounds, respectively, the new Terex TC16 and TC29 compact excavators have rated digging depths of 7 feet 3 inches and 9 feet 10 inches.

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