Beta Max Offers Mud Tub Container

Staff | September 28, 2010

Beta Max Inc., a leading provider of affordable personnel and material lifting solutions, offers its durable mud tubs for transporting mud, plaster, or tools on construction job sites. Beta Max mud tubs provide a cost-effective and reliable solution for both masons and builders involved in a variety of material handling applications.

Featuring a strong plastic composition, Beta Max’s mud tubs are resilient enough to withstand inclement weather conditions and harsh industrial environments. These plastic containers are reusable and easy to clean, making them ideally suited for the masonry and building industry.

The containers come in 2 sizes, ¼ yard and 1/3 yard, and measure 42" by 27" and either 18" or 28" deep depending on tub size and can be used with Beta Max’s wide range of portable hoists; high-speed solutions for transporting materials to workers on scaffolding, suspended staging and more. With seven models accommodating capacities between 200 and 2000 pounds, Beta Max portable hoists incorporate a wide variety of mounting options and accessories, creating practical application packages for a variety of markets.