Beta Max Lifting System

Staff | September 28, 2010

Beta Max, Inc. has introduced its Max Climber™ 2000P-IPM Rack & Pinion personnel and material elevator, ideal for industrial plant maintenance and access.

The new elevator is designed to utilize a small space while providing a safe and efficient means of access for workers performing maintenance work at high levels, eliminating the need to manually climb stair towers while carrying tools and materials.

The Max Climber easily attaches to scaffolding or a building's exterior, and is designed with a base system footprint of 93 inches by 95 inches. Interlocked landing gates are available for safe entering and exiting above the ground level, as well as serving as a platform for unloading materials. With a maximum pay load of 2,000 pounds, or seven people, it travels at speeds up to 80 fpm.

Floor stops ensure stopping at the desired level with no jogging of the cabin, and an optional frequency drive controller provides soft starts and stops.