Bell Equipment Upgrades Fleetmatic

March 13, 2014

Bell Equipment has fine-tuned and upgraded its Fleetmatic fleet monitoring system to offer real-time tracking as an industry first, and set a new benchmark in user friendliness. A new-look website is integral to the improved user friendliness and will be launched in English, German and French with Russian and Spanish following soon.

Fleetmatic Product Developer, Deon Joubert said the structure and design of the website is focused on presenting information to the customer in a more sensible and practical way, with emphasis on production data. Customers are also able to filter and group live data to make it even easier to consume. An innovative feature is the 'Alert Ticker', similar to tickers used by TV news programs, which has been introduced along the bottom of the webpage to display high priority alerts. The website’s interactive nature allows customers to acknowledge these alerts.

Fleetmatic is now available in two packages. The Standard package is fitted to every Bell ADT during the manufacturing process to provide fleet owners with aggregated data from the previous day or use configured shift and offers comprehensive productivity data.

By comparison the Premium package now offers minute-by-minute real-time tracking in addition to the previously offered event- and tip-cycle driven data.