Beach Boulevard Overpass Construction

Staff | September 28, 2010

Beach Boulevard overpass on I-5 Freeway proved a challenge to W.A. Rasic.

In March 2008, W.A. Rasic was awarded the catenary portion of the Orange County Transportation Authority's I-5 Gateway Improvements Project, located at the Beach Boulevard overpass and I-5 freeway.

The $4.4-million project involved suspending the existing telephone and fiber optic lines while the Beach Boulevard overpass was being completely reconstructed. Two 45-foot A-frame towers were erected on opposite sides of the freeway. The telephone lines were placed in a housing unit and then suspended by vertical and horizontal cabling so communication was not interrupted during the overpass reconstruction. Construction was completed recently. The project was considered a very difficult and unique work situation that was performed successfully and received praise from W.A. Rasic's client, AT&T.