Bayou Bridge Pipeline Construction Causes Controversy

September 17, 2018
Underground pipeline.

Bayou Bridge, a 163-mile pipeline designed to carry crude oil through Louisiana, is set to take longer to construct than expected. The pipeline was originally set for finalization this October, though that date has since been extended by two months, according to The Advocate.

Although environmental groups believe the extension to result from their recent protest tactics, the building company, Energy Transfer Partners, said the timeline shift has “more to do with the weather,” The Advocate reports. Despite challenges from conservationists, industry authorities still defend the project as a “safe way to bolster Louisiana’s energy economy.”

This week, the pipeline’s controversy was brought into focus after Louisiana’s St. Martin Parish accused the bridge’s construction crews of trespassing onto their land. After news surfaced of their accusations, the company filed an eminent domain suit set to resolve on Nov. 27.

While critics continue to protest the pipe due to property right infringement and environmental factors, the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association said oil and gas companies are focused on safe construction.

Feds also recently halted the construction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) pipeline, granting approval to continue work on all but four miles of the project.

Source: The Advocate