Battery Powered Big Rig to be Unveiled in September

April 14, 2017

In a Thursday Tweet, Tesla's Elon Musk said it plans to unveil the new Tesla electric semi truck this September. The Tesla Semi, as Musk calls it, is designed to help reduce the cost of cargo transportation, and improve safety for drivers.

According to Tesla's Master Plan, Part Deux the company says that besides being safe, the Tesla Semi will be really fun to operate. said it's unclear whether the semi will be self driving but earlier Musk commented that 'truck drivers will be around for a few more years.". A Tesla spokesperson declined to comment beyond Musk's tweets.

In following tweets, Musk said that Tesla has plans to reveal an electric pickup truck in 18 to 24 months and the company's next generation Roadster will be a convertible. The Tesla Model 3, the company's most affordable car estimated to cost around $35,000, will debut in July.