September 28, 2010

The Barber Model 200 ROAD RAKES are designed for roadway debris removal of tire pieces, trash bags, bottles, mufflers, hubcaps and assorted metal and plastic parts in one pass.

Towed by a 1-ton truck or larger, the ROAD RAKE (RR) utilizes caster tires to follow the contour of the pavement. Stainless steel tines are mounted in offset rows to “rake” over the road surface. Debris passes under a flap to a moldboard which traps the debris allowing the tines to lift and move it on a powered bar conveyor that elevates it to a hopper with 4 cubic yard capacity.

The hydraulically-powered hopper can be raised and dumped as needed. In addition, two rotating gutter brooms increase the cleaning width and sweep debris away from barriers and other obstacles, channeling items into the front of the picking mechanism.

The ROAD RAKE can be powered hydraulically by either the towing unit or a 19 hp diesel engine mounted on the front of the RR. The RR itself supplies hydraulic power to the conveyor belt, gutter brushes, hitch and lift mechanism. An electrical control console is mounted in the cab to activate all functions. The RR achieves cleaning speeds up to 18 mph, and can be transported at highway speeds to 55 mph.