Bandit Beasts Recyclers Turn Grass Into Biomass

September 28, 2010

Several diesel-powered Beast Recyclers have been working in Poland processing grasses into biomass fuel, and a new electric powered Beast will soon go into operation.

Artur Glowa, Bandits dealer in Poland, has demonstrated Bandit’s Beast Recyclers in a number of applications over the years, but grinding grass is a relatively new application, and proving very successful. A 700-horsepower Model 3680 Beast is currently supplying ground grassy material to fire a boiler providing steam and electricity for a cellulose paper plant in Swiecie, Poland.

Bales larger than the opening into the Beast are rolled into the cuttermill by the top feed wheel that extends over the top of the bales. The long infeed bed allows bales to be continuously sent into the machine. The end product is of ideal size for boiler fuel.

Beast Recyclers can also being used in tough grass grinding applications. A large supply of wet straw that could not be processed by any other machine was successfully ground by a 540-horsepower Model 3680 Beast Recycler with a 3" diamond screen and a combination of Shingle, Carbide, and Butcher Fan teeth at 12 – 14 tons per hour. The ground grassy material could then be fed to the power plant.

The new Butcher Teeth option for the Beast Recyclers is preferred in tough grass applications such as when bales have a considerable amount of stone in them. For this type of material, Butcher Teeth perform very well in breaking down the hay bales.