‘Back Packs’ Add Space to Western Star Truck Cabs

February 1, 2018
Pack packs are added to the rear of a Western Star cab and are accessed via a standard cab cutout.

Work trucks sometimes need storage space beyond what’s available in their basic cabs, so Western Star is offering “back packs” as an economical alternative to integral cab extensions.

Iron Feather back pack comes with racks for mounting accessories.Iron Feather steel boxes are 12 and 24 inches long to accommodate storage racks, shelves and cabinets, and 36 inches long to house a three-person bench seat with certified seat belt mounts, or a “rest” sleeper bunk. Iron Feather back pack comes with racks for mounting of shelves, cabinets and other storage equipment (right).

A box attaches to a cab’s rear with access via a back cutaway opening, which is ample thanks to Western Star’s generous width, according to John Tomlinson, the Daimler Trucks division’s vocational sales manager.

The boxes come ready to install with internal parts fitted and ready for use. The Iron Feather-brand boxes are made by North Side Industries, a metal fabricator in Kalowna, B.C., Western Star’s original Canadian home. They are available on all Western Star models, Tomlinson said.