Auto-Lube Systems Worth a Look

Staff | September 28, 2010

Over a 40-plus-year career in heavy earthmoving and mining I had encounters with auto-lube-equipped equipment, and it was always a major plus in the long run for reducing costs due to wear of rotating components. I would've installed many more of these systems on smaller equipment, particularly loaders, if only the initial cost for purchase, installation, and training hadn't been so high. It's really tough to convince owners that over the long run, the money saved in equipment maintenance, repair, and especially downtime is well worth the initial cost of the system. I would consider auto-lube systems even on [large] backhoe-loaders. Other small machines that muck about in the dirt would also benefit. This is true whether you own one machine or a hundred.

So look hard at these devices the next time you get around to them and consider what the advantages may be to you. Chances are, if you know your costs and pencil it out, you would be strongly inclined to purchase.

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