Attachments Provide Backhoe Loaders With Versatility

September 28, 2010


By using a sliding-spline operating technology to convert linear piston motion into powerful shaft rotation, the Helac PowerTilt attachment enhances backhoe versatility with 180 degrees of side-to-side swing capability. PowerTilt features a clean, compact configuration that pin-mounts to the dipper stick. The standard model shown here includes a hook-style quick coupler that uses standard OEM pin-on buckets without modification.


With their range of speeds and torques, Premier's heavy-duty hydraulic earth auger attachments are suited for varied digging applications. A rugged housing design allows the drive unit to follow the auger bit into the ground, adding to the overall digging depth, and greaseable pins at the pivot points on the heavy-duty mounts increase wear life. Among the Premier models to fit the full range of backhoe loaders, the H035PD has a flow range of 30 to 60 gallons per minute and provides up to 5,256 foot-pounds of torque.


The newest member of the Anbo Manufacturing line of attachments, the GR-X-HC is a high-capacity grapple designed for the secure front-end handling of bulky loads. It is available in a variety of sizes to fit assorted carriers, including backhoe loaders. Anbo manufactures light GRL, standard GR and heavy-duty GRH, GRX and GRHX Series grapples in widths ranging 4 to 10 feet to fit assorted carrier types ranging up to 200 horsepower.


With a patented open drum that avoids re-milling, the Coneqtec/Universal AP backhoe planer can save contractors hundreds of hours by milling the road into chunks instead of pulverized dust, according to the manufacturer. The planer features a direct-drive, high-torque motor and manual depth control, and comes in widths of 12, 16, 18 and 24 inches. A four-wheel front down and center pivot design minimizes bouncing, noise and dust.


For use on soil in trench, foundation and slope applications, Hudco manufactures mid-sized compactor attachments with standard or custom mountings to fit backhoe loaders. Custom compactor tops are a necessity when using quick-attaching bucket mechanisms, and custom fitting eliminates a need for additional loose pins and bushings. Specialized hydraulic installations allow rapid switching of the compactor and other attachments. Hudco valves facilitate operation of the compactor and carrier simultaneously.


Used in scrap yards and on demolition sites, BTI's SH Series hydraulic shears can be outfitted on backhoes as an alternative to employees with cutting torches, such as at the New Mexico site shown here. The shear's large-bore hydraulic cylinder combines with a speed/regeneration valve for maximum cutting force and cycle time. A guide slide puck system reduces jaw stress, and all cutting blades and the blade guide can be reversed and rotated to optimize wear parts.


General Equipment Company designed its 671 Dig-R-Tach Series 24 earth drilling attachment for the larger hydraulic systems found with full-sized backhoe loaders. Featuring a two-speed chain/sprocket drive and hydraulic flow range of 15 to 25 gallons per minute, the Series 24 delivers maximum drilling torque of 2,018 foot-pounds at 2,500 pounds per square inch. A complete line of augers up to 36 inches in diameter is available with Pengo-type, cast-steel boring heads and forged teeth.

Wain Roy

The Wain Roy XLS (eXtended Life System) allows a smooth, fast method of switching machine attachments. Compatible with all original attachments from Woods Equipment Company's Wain Roy brand, as well as competitive “Wain Roy-style” products, the XLS coupler design maintains close to original OEM pin-on digging and tip radius specifications. The design compensates for normal wear between the coupler and attachment by allowing shims to be added to the attachment wear plate. The system is available in manual or hydraulic models.

Chicago Pneumatic

With operating weights ranging 209 to 827 pounds, the five-model light hydraulic breaker line from Chicago Pneumatic is designed for use on carriers up to 12 metric tons, including backhoe loaders. CP breakers feature an enclosed box design and elastic damping elements that isolate noise from the percussion mechanism and reduce harmful vibrations. The result is reduced noise on the jobsite and less strain on the breaker and its carrier.


Through collaborative efforts with the equipment manufacturer, HKX now offers hydraulic kits for Terex backhoe loader models TX760B through TX970B. These kits are specifically engineered for each model, ensuring maximum productivity of such attachments as breakers, compactors and thumbs. With HKX hydraulic kits, preassembled and organized components combine with illustrated instructions for quick and easy installations.


As part of its Diamond trench compaction wheel product line, the American Compaction Equipment (ACE), Inc. division of Cascade Corporation offers wheels designed specifically for backhoes, requiring no hydraulics to operate. Backhoe wheels are available up to 36 inches in width, with 2 to 4 rims each, topping out at a weight of 1,650 pounds. All Diamond compaction wheels include a removable OEM mount with pins and a soil leveling plate.


According to manufacturer Maddock Industries, the backhoe mill offers a number of advantages over skid-steer milling attachments. Connected to the carrier's remote hydraulic system, the backhoe mill provides sufficient down force to penetrate while maintaining depth control, as well as clear operator visibility of the work area and a larger working envelope. The backhoe mill cuts up to 11 inches deep, and is available in cutting widths from 18 to 48 inches wide. It can also cut above grade, which is useful when cutting on steep slopes.


For work in trench boxes and other confined spaces, the Kenco self-leveling pipe hook handles all shapes of pipe, including elliptical, up to 9,000 pounds. Simply attached to the backhoe's stick with a lifting strap or hook, the pipe hook has a self-leveling mechanism housed inside that gives the operator the capability to hook, lift, move and set pipe from the comfort of his seat. A urethane pad prevents damage to pipe walls.

Atlas Copco

The Atlas Copco SB 552 hydraulic breaker's solid-body concept features a one-piece design that contains all integral parts in the same iron alloy casting. In addition to product reliability, the slimline design allows better operator visibility and easy positioning. At 1,149 pounds and suited for carriers in the 9- to 15-metric-ton range, the SB 552 has a high power-to-weight ratio, delivering up to 1,080 blows per minute. It requires oil flow of 17.2 to 30.4 gallons per minute at 1,450 to 2,180 pounds per square inch.


Amulet Manufacturing now offers a HoeClamp for Komatsu WB146/156 backhoe loaders. Action of the unique HoeClamp is similar to that of a conventional hydraulic clamp, but without any extra cylinder, valve or hoses. A “kidney link” makes geometry work to provide live action, using only the power of the bucket cylinder. The HoeClamp, first developed in 1983, fits most backhoe loaders with extendable sticks.


With models in both the “6 Series” and “EXS Stealth” mounted breaker line, Stanley Hydraulic Tools offers a variety of breaking attachments suited to the backhoe loader market. Ranging from 1,500 to 2,000 foot-pounds, the MB15EXS, MB20EXS and MB30EXS models are matched to full-sized backhoe loaders up to 28,000 pounds in operating weight.


A new addition to the AR Series hydraulic impact hammer product line from Allied Construction Products, Model AR 85B mounts to backhoe loaders ranging up to 25,000 pounds. Requiring 13 to 27 gallons per minute of flow at 1,400 to 1,750 pounds per square inch, the Model 85B breaks at a rate of 500 to 750 blows per minute. The demolition of concrete structures, building foundations, pavement and trench rock are among the applications for this hammer suited to both rental and contractor markets.


Increased back head pressure and a larger-diameter piston results in 25-percent greater impact energy from the KF6 and KF9 medium-range hydraulic breakers, says manufacturer Kent Demolition Tools. A longer thrust bushing improves piston alignment during impact and incorporates grease holes to evenly distribute grease in the front head, which itself has added wall thickness. CD-designed side bolt threads provide even load distribution and greater surface contact between the nut and bolt, reducing the chances of thru-bolt failure.

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