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Staff | September 28, 2010

Bobcat's Dozer Blades

Bobcat Company has expanded its dozer blade family of attachments for construction and landscaping markets with a new 96-inch model. This new blade fits large-frame Bobcat® loaders. The attachment complements the 80-inch and 90-inch dozer blade attachments already being used for excavating and grading needs. Engineered and manufactured for optimum job performance, dependability and durability, the 1,500-pound, six-way adjustable dozer blade features an all-cast design for strength; a reversible three-piece cutting edge for extended life; provides forward and reverse grading action and adjustable skid shoes for depth control; and is approved for use on S220, S250 and S300 skid-steer loaders; T250 and T300 track loaders; and A300 all-wheel-steer loader. In order to use the blade, loaders must be equipped with optional front auxiliary hydraulics and an attachment control kit.

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John Deere's Pallet Fork

A new heavy-duty pallet fork for Deere's skid-steer line features a boosted load carrying capacity, from 3,500 total pounds in the standard fork to 6,000 total pounds for the new fork. Part of Deere's Worksite Pro™ line of attachments, it is available in rail style with 48-inch-long tines. Rail style pallet forks are held in a rigid position for maximum durability and a 60-inch-wide carriage allows room for large pallets or bundles of material. The attachment provides unrestricted visibility to the fork tips, Quik-Tatch™ mounting, and steps for easy entry and exit of the machine. Nearly 100 attachments in the Worksite Pro line take machines from landscaping to farm field to construction jobsites. John Deere's self-cleaning attachment system, Quik-Tatch, is available in a hydraulic version, allowing the operator to change attachments quickly without leaving the seat.

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Tramac's Breaker System

Recently introduced by Tramac, the V1600 Evolution's new "smooth start" system makes breaking small pieces much safer for a larger breaker and makes it easier for the operator to position the tool on the smaller target. With this new design, the piston is able to stop short with hydraulic cushioning during "blow through" and oversize breaking applications, minimizing the effects of dangerous blank firing. Cast from special abrasion-resistant steel alloy, the breaker core rides inside the new housing held in alignment against newly designed wear plates and is suspended by a new pre-compressed shock absorption system with surface area increased by 60 percent over the previous version. Recommended for carrier weights between 24 tons and 25 tons, the patented Auto+OptiPower system is standard.

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Mobile Screeners By Harley

Harley's Mobile Screeners are self-loading and clean the soil by sifting the soil through oscillating screens while sending stones, roots, trash, and other debris into a 1/2-cubic-yard hydraulically controlled, ground-dumper hopper — all from the comfort of the tractor's seat. Five different screen options with hole sizes 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch, 5/8-inch, 3/4-inch to 1 inch are available and the new EZ-change screens allow one person to change the screens on-site to meet screening specifications. The redesigned overhead conveyor flights enhance soil and debris separation. The 740 Mobile Screener is a lightweight, 4-foot screener with flotation tires to assist in even the softest soils. Minimum power required to run the 740 is a 30-horsepower tractor with one remote hydraulic control valve. The Screener, used with the Harley Power Box Rake®, creates windrows of debris.

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Okada Pro Series

Okada America announces the latest addition to the Okada Pro Series lineup of hydraulic breakers. The new TOP 400 breaker replaces the Okada OKB 324 10,000-foot-pound class breaker. Designed to run on carriers in the 38-ton to 53-ton class, this breaker is ideal for quarry operations or the heavy demolition contractor. The TOP 400 incorporates an internal grease passage that allows easy interface with the Okada Auto Lube System for lubricating the shank, front cap bushing and working tool. This same technology is available on all TOP Series breakers from the 2,500-foot-pound through 10,000-foot-pound class breakers.

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CS Unitec's Attachments

Some of CS Unitec's attachments include the Walk-Behind Cart which attaches to the EPS 125 5-inch concrete grinder. The MH 240 Mixer Paddle is specially designed with a blade configuration to mix all type of textured products, decorative concrete and drywall mud quickly and completely. The Wet Diamond Core Drill, Model END 1521 P is capable of drilling precise 3/8-inch-diameter to 1-1/4-inch-diameter holes in concrete and natural stone and the company's light and portable EBM 350/3PSA Core Drill is made for drilling up to 14-inch-diameter holes in concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, and natural stone.

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EZ Grip By Werk-Brau Co. Inc.

The Multi-Tine Thumb EZ Grip attachment is designed to aid in handling or loading irregularly shaped objects like rock and debris, or anything that cannot be handled with a bucket alone. Since it retracts against the dipper stick, it can be left on the machine during normal excavation procedures. It is not designed for prying. High-strength steel is utilized throughout the entire weldment and is available for most makes and models of compact excavators and loader backhoes. Each bucket grapple is custom-designed to match the bucket width and tip radius. Hydraulic designs or rigid designs are also available.

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Case's Hydraulic Hammers

Four new hammers — the CH300, CH500, CH750, and CH1000 — range in impact energy rating from 350 foot-pounds to 1,200 foot-pounds. Designed with only two moving parts, the narrow rectangular shape can work in tight trenches or crowded demolition sites. Low-pressure nitrogen charge cushions recoil on the "rebound" stroke, resulting in less wear and tear on the carrier. The hydraulic design protects the carrier's hydraulic circuit from damage and they are less sensitive to system backpressure. The hammers can be ordered with "Multi-Fit" side plates that allow the hammer to be moved between a skid steer, mini-excavator and loader/backhoe.

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Manitou North America

Manitou North America's telescopic handlers handle a wide variety of attachments. Once requirements are known, an effective solution in the form of the proper attachment can be recommended and the imagination of the dealer and end user come in to play. Attachments include the 3-D Rotating Pendulum Basket, Jib with Winch and Radio Remote Control, Post Hole Auger, Hydraulic Boom, and Straw Blower. The Hook is used in sling applications, or the Rotating Grapple lifts loads from the top and rotates them into position. Other attachments include the Tire Clamp which grabs, holds and places heavy construction tires where needed; the Log Clamp, Snow Blower, Concrete Mixer Bucket, and Roof Truss Jib. "Tool carrier" MRT 2150's rotating telescopic has many attachment possibilities including forks, bucket and 3-ton winch. The Concrete Mixer Bucket mixes and pours concrete in one easy step and the Roof Truss Jib provides increased lift height and forward reach.

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Clamp-On Bucket Forks

MDS has a line of clamp-on bucket forks available in five weight capacity categories — 1,000 pounds, 2,000 pounds, 3,000 pounds, 4,000 pounds, and 6,000 pounds. The Clamp-on Bucket Forks will fit a variety of machine and bucket sizes with capacity ratings having a generous three-to-one safety factor. Forks with 4,000-pound and 6,000-pound ratings have wide openings, to fit thick cutting edges of larger, heavier buckets. Design features include an extra-wide handle making them easy to carry; a durable powder coating finish; and the main upright is capped to keep out rainwater.

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Wastequip's Hook-It™

The Hook-It™ hook hoist series performs multiple functions. Available with standard features and options for specific job applications, the hoists are offered in single, tandem and multi-axle configurations with capacities ranging from 9,000 pounds up to 60,000 pounds and can handle 8-foot-long to 22-foot-long containers. All models feature a bolt-on replaceable hook, provide up to a 62-degree dump angle for clean discharge, and tolerate imperfect alignment. The single-axle models are designed for small capacity usage; the 9,000-pound models can be mounted on smaller trucks that don't require a commercial driver's license to operate; and the 50,000-pound capacity tandem axle system is a heavy-duty workhorse. For regions permitting greater weight capacities, a multi-axle system engineered for heavy-service applications is available.

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Young Long Reach Fronts

Young Super Long Reach Fronts transform standard excavators into long reach digging machines. Specifically designed for light digging operations such as ditch, canal and levee maintenance; cleaning out industrial waste pits and settling ponds; dredging silt from waterways and maintaining slopes along roads and highways, Long Reach Fronts are available for most current production excavators. Features include thermal stress relieved boom and stick for extended structural life; strong pin joints with large diameter pins and bushings; high strength-to-weight ratio for optimum machine performance; excellent working range and lift capacity; and the stick tucks under boom for reduced transport height.

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80-Series AWS Loaders

Gehl Company introduces four new 80-Series All-Wheel-Steer (AWS) Loaders — Model 280, 480, 480T (telescopic), and 680 AWS Loaders are fitted with "intelligent drive" technology for smooth work cycles. Designed with four-wheel steering and one-piece chassis, the 80-Series have a tight-turning radii. Features include operating weights from 7,055 pounds to 12,015 pounds; bucket capacities from 1.44 cubic yards to 2.35 cubic yards; rated operating loads from 4,055 pounds to 5,700 pounds; and EPA Tier II diesel engines range from 38 horsepower to 76 horsepower. The hydraulic quick-hitch feature includes hydraulic lines that come standard with quick couplers for use as a joystick-controlled auxiliary hydraulic circuit and makes for fast and easy changes of attachments from the operator's seat. The Skid-A-Tach™ system is also available for utilizing almost any skid-steer loader attachment.

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Industrial Brushcutter

ASV offers an industrial Brushcutter built by Davco for its RC-100 and RC-85 All Surface Loaders. The Brushcutter attaches to the quick-attach interface on the loader arms and is driven by the machine's high flow (38 gallons per minute) auxiliary hydraulics. Four reversible cutting blades produce a cutting diameter of 70 inches and are capable of cutting up to 4-inch-thick material. Ideal for lot development work and clearing right-of-ways, ASV offers attachments for its rubber-track loaders, including augers, backhoes, snow blowers, and tine grapples.

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Suspension Systems

Timbren SES Suspension Enhancement Systems improve the suspension performance of pickups, work trucks, vans, and SUVs. With trucks and SUVs designed with soft suspensions that are fine for highway use, but inadequate when more support is needed for off-road use or while towing a trailer, the SES starts to work only when called for extra support ensuring stability, improved handling and comfort. The Timbren SES is easy to install and provides a maintenance- and trouble-free performance.

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Case Cold Planers

Along with its new 400 Series Skid Steers, Case Construction Equipment introduces a new line of cold planers, the Case/Bradco HP Series, with five models ranging from 16 inches to 40 inches wide and providing cutting depths to 5 inches. The planers take on high-density concrete, asphalt for milling of potholes, and leveling of frost heaves. Other applications include cutting butt joints and T-caps or removing pavement next to curbs and gutters prior to overlay. Powered by high-flow hydraulics, the planers feature in-cab control of depth, tilt and sideshift. An independent pivoting head provides better contour tracking and independent self-leveling depth adjustment allows for precise lapping cuts and taping cuts. Wheels can be removed for planing next to curbs and obstructions. Constructed of hardened, solid steel, features include greaseable manifold pins and secluded zerks; steel bushings at pivot locations are replaceable; and a hinged cover permits easy access for maintenance. A 12-inch-wide, standard flow model, the Case/Bradco SP12, is also available.

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Caterpillar Work Tools

Caterpillar is expanding its line of work tools and adding models to existing lines to further enhance the versatility and capabilities of the Caterpillar® Skid Steer and Multi-Terrain Loaders. The new work tools include the T6B Trencher with a 36-inch boom designed to work with standard flow hydraulics; the HM312 Mulcher features a high-speed rotor with tungsten carbide teeth; the BU115 and BU118 Utility Brooms have sweeping widths of 60 inches and 75 inches, respectively; and five new brush cutters, the BR160, BR166, BR172, BR272, and BR378 are each designed specifically for standard flow, high flow or high flow XPS Cat® machines. The mulcher and the line of brush cutters are the first such machines ever offered by Caterpillar.

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Versatile Track System™

With the introduction of the Versatile Track System (VTS™), Loegering Manufacturing Inc. offers a solution to the dilemma of having to choose between a rubber-tired skid steer and a dedicated rubber track loader. VTS (patent-pending) is a complete rubber track undercarriage system that can be bolted onto any brand skid-steer loader. As a result, contractors can decide within an hour of putting a machine to work whether rubber tires or a rubber-track undercarriage is best for any particular application. The undercarriage with 18-inch-wide tracks can be bolted directly to the hubs of many skid-steer loaders, fitting wheelbases from 42.5 inches to 51.5 inches, and no machine modifications are required. VTS also includes an independent bi-directional torsion suspension system giving comfort, increased traction and improved stability. Ground pressure under tracks is reduced to less than 5 pounds per square inch making it ideal for work on loose, wet or unstable ground conditions.

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The Kenco Multi-Lift has an automatic actuator that allows for hands-free operation. Adjustable grips fit a range of sizes from 0 to 34 inches with larger custom lengths available. The Multi-Lift can be configured to grip from outside or inside surfaces and can be used on a variety of objects and surfaces with lifting capacities up to 9,000 pounds.

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Over-The-Tire Tracks

John Deere's new rubber Over-The-Tire Tracks for John Deere 200 and 300 Series skid steers maximize productivity in applications that require additional traction or flotation. Ideal for soft and muddy ground conditions where a wheeled skid steer might bog down, installation is similar to that of steel tracks. The rubber tracks can be mounted over 10-inch and 12-inch pneumatic tires, including standard, extra-wall and hauler models with no specialized tires are required. The system can also be removed when not needed increasing track life. Track length is adjusted by using a selection of rubber joints of varying length and a skid steer with Over-The-Tire Rubber Tracks can travel up to 12 miles per hour with two-speed option.

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Angle Blade

Kubota has engineered an optional floating hydraulic angle dozer blade for the KX161-3 excavator. Simple movement of the dozer blade lever accurately raises and lowers the blade and adjusts the angle of operation. When set at an angle, the blade allows for backfilling while traveling in a forward direction. After backfilling, the floating blade position performs the finishing work. The KX161-3 is powered by Kubota's E-TVCS four-cylinder diesel 42-horsepower engine. With a maximum digging depth of 12.5 feet, the 12,000-pound excavator can undertake most jobsite excavating tasks.

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in-Series Hydraulic Impact Hammers

Allied Construction Products LLC announces the addition of the in-Series hydraulic impact hammers to their product line. Available in four models, they are models 8, 11, 15, and 22. Ranging from a working weight of 132 pounds to 474 pounds, operating pressures from 2,031 psi to 2,175 psi, oil flows from 8 to 17 gallons per minute and 1,800 to 2,100 blows per minute, other features include a massive, trapezoidal tool that is unbreakable; minimal maintenance (no greasing); no tie-rods, no tie-bolts, no side-bolts; no nitrogen-gas checking or charging; no steel tool bushings (one busing made of composite wear-resistant material); compact design for narrow work areas; and wide carrier range. Mounted on mini-excavators and skid-steer loaders, the in-Series hydraulic impact hammers are built for the demolition of concrete structures, building foundations and pavement.

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Hydraulic Breakers

Atlas Copco Construction Tools Inc. offers a line of 15 hydraulic breakers spanning impact classes from 200 foot-pounds to 15,000 foot-pounds. Units are separated into three categories: Light Penta Breaker (PB) Series, Medium Breaker (MB) Series and Heavy Breaker (HB) Series. The PB Series breakers are ideal for road construction, landscaping, light demolition, small trenching, and quarry reduction breaking. The MB and HB Series were designed for primary/secondary quarry breaking, demolition, tunneling, trenching, and foundation work, with the HB Series handling the most demanding of these applications. Atlas Copco also manufactures steel accessories for use with its hammers. These high-quality alloy steel tools are precisely matched to the hammers with a wide range of chisels, points and blunts available in a variety of lengths to suit the application.

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Brush And Tree Shredders

Brown Bear Corporation offers its BC283 brush and tree shredder as an attachment for skid-steer loaders with high flow auxiliary hydraulics. Available with a flair rotor with free swinging cutter or with a fixed carbide tooth rotor, the attachment will handle up to 6-inch to 8-inch hard woods and soft woods (like evergreen) up to 10 inches to 12 inches with 30 gallons per minute and 3,000-psi systems. The BC283 is perfect for clearing next to fence lines, pastures, woodlots, and pipeline and utility rights-of-way.

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Fleco Attachments

Fleco Excavator Rippers feature durable AR400 steel, are supported with dual gussets and a single replaceable tooth for clawing through hard soils. Designed to mount using standard bucket pins and available for machines of all sizes, the ripper loosens materials prior to removing them with the bucket, accomplished by the concentration of the excavator crowd and curl forces on the single tooth. Blade rakes can be used in land clearing without stripping topsoil. The Dozer Blade Rakes simplifies the removal of roots, limbs, brush, and debris. In sizes ranging from 96 inches to 144 inches for all machines sizes, they offer AR400 steel tines engineered with a curved design to product minimum ground resistance. Tines have been welded to a heavy wall steel tube and each steel tine is reinforced with dual gussets for added stability.

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AIM Attachments

AIM Attachments manufacture a line of bucket forks for backhoes and wheel loaders; heavy-duty, severe-duty and ditch cleaning excavator buckets; and now introduces the new HDT32 Universal Excavator Thumb. The Thumb features an AR400 steel structure built for a tight fit on any bucket, without wasted motion. AIM HDT32 Thumbs are 32 inches wide and 58 inches long. Designed to fit 40,000-pound to 60,000-pound machines, standard features include oversized alloy steel pins, AR 400 steel tines with serrated edges, and three working positions. HDT32 Thumbs have been designed to make folding and storing a fast and simple process and increases the versatility of any excavator, assisting in waste handling, rip rap, demolition, and brush removal tasks.

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Toro Attachments

For use on Dingo compact utility loaders, the Toro Backhoe attachment is ideal for working in tight, confined spaces traditionally reserved for hand digging. With a maximum digging depth of 78 inches and a 74-inch 2-foot flat-bottom digging depth, the unit offers an 88-inch loading height and 46-inch loading reach. The Backhoe folds up to less than 36 inches wide and the unit features a 151-degree swing, giving operators the flexibility to dig in a large area without moving the entire machine. With its two-position bucket, users can dig close to foundations and other obstructions. The Toro® DD 619 Trencher attachment, used for irrigation, drain tile or valve box installations, tree planting and edging applications, features a direct drive system and offers multiple boom length configurations, a heavy-duty nose roller bearing and a convenient chain tensioner. The Backhoe and Trencher are only two of 35 Dingo attachments that meet the needs of contractor or homeowner.

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Champion Motor Grader Attachments

Champion Motor Graders manufacture four basic models of single axle, tandem and All Wheel Drive Motor Graders with operating weights ranging from 12,000 pounds to 15,500 pounds. Responding to customer needs to maximize equipment utilization, Champion Motor Grader's engineering department works closely with customers to customize graders and develop specialized attachments. The company has adopted a "Voice of the Customer" Program to collect and apply customer suggestions for product improvements whether it's a canopy-style operator's compartment or an enclosed cab. By pre-engineering hookups for all kinds of attachments, any time customers want to give additional jobs to the grader, the machine is ready for them, without incurring extra costs. Recent developments include a cold-planer attachment and a vibratory compaction drum, sliding adjustable pedestal, a service brake pedal and low-effort, operator-friendly controls that match the "look and feel" of full-size graders.

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Adjustable Guardrail Gate

Safway's new Adjustable Guardrail Gate designed for use on a wide variety of scaffold types is equipped with a positive locking mechanism. The gate can be adjusted to span widths from 32 inches to 52 inches; is hot dipped galvanized for added durability; is easy to install using existing tools; and meets OSHA and Cal/OSHA guardrail height requirements when used with Safway products. It is compatible with Systems™ scaffold, Sectional Frames and Tube & Clamp scaffold and is also adaptable to replace existing Safway gates including FOGS, GRGIDH and FMIG.

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DAF-080 Brushcutter-Chipper

Denis Cimaf Inc. introduces the DAF-080, a new front-mounted brushcutter-chipper for skid steers. Under suitable terrain conditions, the DAF-080 can handle site preparation and land clearing jobs cutting down and chipping brush, bushes and unwanted trees in one pass. The front-mounted attachment uses a 72-inch-wide cutting rotor consisting of 25 fixed knives with bolted-on blades. Designed for 65-horsepower-and-up skid steers, it features a height-adjustable attachment system; requires continuous hydraulic flow between 25 to 30 gallons per minute and an operating pressure of 3,000 pounds per square inch, with a rotating speed of 2,300 revolutions per minute. The DAF-080 is easy to maintain and used blades can be sharpened on-site with a grinder, while worn-out blades quickly unbolt and can be replaced with new ones.

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Straight Arm Clamp

Attachments International's clamp and rotator makes simple work of moving odd-shaped objects. Originally designed for recycling operations and moving stoves, refrigerators, washers, and dryers, they are also used to move and dump refuse containers and picking up and dumping Gaylord style boxes and pallets. Various arm designs allow numerous other jobs to be performed such as rip rap to be placed. Optional forks are also available and the clamp opening can be adjusted from 12 inches to 72 inches.

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Multi-Ripper Bucket

Designed to handle severe frost and rock removal jobs, the Leading Edge Attachments Inc.'s Multi-Ripper Bucket® can be used for a wide range of tough material applications such as excavating frozen ground, coral, sandstone, limestone, shale, decomposed granite, and caliche. The staggered ripper teeth fracture the substrate in sequential order. No two ripper teeth align with each other so maximum breakout force is applied sequentially to each tooth. The rolling of the Multi-Ripper Bucket, by extending the bucket cylinder, always provides the full multiplied breakout force individually on each tooth so that substrate is ripped out by each individual tooth lifting action. The result is a relatively flat trench bottom due to the fact that the ripper tooth tips all lie on a constant radius with a center of rotation that is close to the bucket pivot. The bucket can also scoop material, eliminating the need to switch back to a bucket for cleanup. It is available to fit any excavator or backhoe above 11,000 pounds.

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Ditch Witch's Attachments

Newest in Ditch Witch's lineup are compact utility including two mini skid steers or compact loaders, the SK500 and SK300. Also available is the new XT850 excavator-tool carrier. These machines handle light grade work and scores of attachments equip them to perform specialized tasks. Attachments include small backhoes, augers, trenchers, concrete containers, pallet forks, bale spears, nursery jaws, tillers, stump grinders, rotary cutters, rakes, brooms, and grapples. Some attachments available for mini skid-steer units include trenchers; backhoes, buckets, vibratory plows, planetary augers, backfill blades, earth saws, snow blowers, grapple forks, and jackhammers. Landscaping attachments include power box rakes, soil cultivators, grading rakes, tree shears, shrub spades, sod layers, tree forks, and aerators. In addition, directional drilling unit JT920 has been redesigned, renamed, and features a 50-horsepower engine and 9,000 pounds of thrust/pullback power. Also, a shorter version of JT921, the JT921S, has a narrower pipe box, no fluid tank and will optimize productivity in tight places.

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Broom Attachment Series

SweepEx MegaPlus broom attachment series features task packages catering to multiple service vehicles. With choices ranging from a skid-steer sweeper, forklift sweeper and three-point-hitch sweeper, the MegaPlus is packaged with necessary attachment hardware and accessories ideal for each application. Built with a quick-tach™ plate that fits most major skid-steer loaders, the skid-steer sweeper comes standard with hydraulic-angle mechanism and edge marker kit. The forklift sweeper attaches to most fork tines, is standard with edge markers and the hydraulic angle is optional. The three-point-hitch sweeper hooks directly to equipment with traditional three-point hitches, comes with edge markers and offers the hydraulic angle as an option. Constructed of industrial-strength steel, protected with a heavy-duty power coat finish and utilizing 11 polypropylene brush rows for maximum cleaning power, the brooms offer a 72-inch working width.

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General's Series

General Equipment Company's DIG-R-TACH® line is used with small and large hydraulic systems including skid-steer loaders, small excavators, knuckleboom cranes, and small backhoes. The 671 DIG-R-TACH® Series 16 earth drilling attachment is intended for smaller hydraulic systems and Series 24 is designed for larger hydraulic systems found with backhoes and excavators. A 2-inch hexagon auger drive system is standard with earth augers up to 36 inches in diameter available using Pengo®-type, cast-steer boring heads and forged teeth. Installation of all DIG-R-TACH models uses a dipper-stick mounting bracket. For asphalt cutting projects, the 130C CUT-R-TACH® clamps to most backhoe dippersticks or tractor/wheel loader buckets with up to 2.5-cubic-yard capacities. A 12.5-inch-diameter cutting blade is machined from a special service, heat-treated alloy steel, yields a maximum asphalt cutting depth of 5 inches, and is capable of producing high cutting rates with lighter machinery.

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Grapple Rake Series

Worksaver Inc. introduces the Split-top Grapple Rake, part of The Grapple Rake Series. Designed features include a split top to provide dual independent upper grapples for clamping and holding uneven-sized loads of material and picking up brush and other debris leaving dirt on the ground. It is ideal for orchard and vineyard maintenance picking up tree limbs. The Split-top, available in 62-inch and 77-inch widths, fits skid steers or tractor front loaders as well as skid-steer models and works with the universal attaching system. The tractor front loader models accept Worksaver interfacing quick-attach bracket to work with popular loader models. Two hydraulic cylinders are used to open and close the grapple, and tines feature replaceable weld-on points.

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Grader Attachment

The FW Grader Attachment is designed for your heavy-duty grading needs. The attachment will fit the FW Orbiter or it can be easily attached to a skid steer with a quick-tach mounting plate allowing you to perform fine precision and utility grading in landscaping, asphalt, curb and gutter, and concrete flatwork applications. The FW Grader Attachment is designed using standard and modular components. Features include wheels with a hydraulic tilt (leaning) and hydraulic steering to prevent being slid sideways when the moldboard is cutting at an angle; 8-foot-long, 10-foot-long or 12 foot-long moldboards are heavy duty and reinforced with a replaceable cutting edge; and the blade has movement up and down, with angular adjustment (on the 1-inch machined plate) and side shift, all done hydraulically.

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