Astec Warm Mix Asphalt Technology

Staff | September 28, 2010

The Double Barrel Green system is an option that can be included with any new Astec Double Barrel® drum mixer/dryer or added as a retrofit. Using water to produce a foamed, warm mix asphalt that is odorless, smokeless and longer lasting, the system is a major breakthrough in warm mix asphalt technology because it does not require the addition of expensive commercial additives. Instead, water is injected into the mix along with the liquid asphalt cement. The injection of water causes the liquid asphalt to foam and expand in volume and the foaming action helps the liquid asphalt coat the aggregate at a lower temperature.

Benefits of the Astec Double Barrel Green System

  • There is no smoke and no smell because the light oils in liquid asphalt never reach the boiling point.
  • The Double Barrel Green system has the ability to run high percentages of recycle mix with a standard grade of asphalt.
  • Due to 50-degree Fahrenheit lower temperature, approximately14 percent less fuel is used corresponding to a 14 percent increase in production.