Asphalt Pavers Build A Better Road Ahead

By Mike Anderson, Senior Editor | September 28, 2010

Vogele Vision 5103-2 Asphalt Paver

Vogele America's introduction of the Vision Series 8- and 10-foot-class asphalt pavers has been one of the major developments in the North American asphalt paver market.


Terex CR652RM RoadMix Asphalt Paver

Terex CR652RM RoadMix Asphalt Paver

Utilized as either a material transfer vehicle, top, or a Remix Anti-Segregation System asphalt paver, the Terex CR662RM has been updated with a variable-pitch, in-hopper auger design that increases machine throughput. The design enables the RoadMix machine to match or better production rates of conventional slat pavers while virtually eliminating segregation.


Caterpillar AP1055D Tracked Asphalt Paver

As with other Caterpillar full-sized asphalt pavers, the largest AP1055D tracked model is available with the optional Cat Product Link wireless system designed to simplify the tracking of fleets to maximize uptime.

On the verge of the previous World of Asphalt trade show two years ago, Construction Equipment surveyed the market landscape for full-sized asphalt pavers, those weighing 19,000 pounds and up. Two mere years would not seem enough time for change to an equipment type designed and built for the long term, but the full-sized asphalt paver marketplace does indeed offer some difference as the industry approaches World of Asphalt 2009, running March 10–12 in Orlando, Fla.

Market stalwarts Vogele, Roadtec, Caterpillar and Terex have continued to update their established asphalt paver product offerings. They are joined by Volvo, which, after acquiring the former Ingersoll-Rand product offering, has incorporated the old Blaw-Knox and ABG brands into the Volvo-branded family. Bomag, with its background in the smaller paver market, moved into the 19,000-pound-and-up market with the introduction of the 20,500-pound, 8-foot-paving-class BF6615 one year ago at Conexpo-Con/Agg, where another brand, LeeBoy, debuted its 33,000-pound 9000 Rubber Tire model. Conversely, a longtime world force in full-sized asphalt pavers, Dynapac responded to the Construction Equipment survey that it does "not have any of the pavers for sale in the U.S. at this time."

Volvo's PF6000 Series of pavers builds upon the legacy of Blaw-Knox technology, but incorporates an auger system now independent of the conveyor system. Each of the two auger and conveyor drives uses sonic sensors designed for more precise handling of material. The conveyor system has chains that are automatically tensioned, and the conveyor chain cover cleans itself. Reversible augers and conveyors are optional equipment. To reduce maintenance costs, the hydrostatic, direct-traction drive system on Volvo pavers eliminates 70 percent of all mechanical drive-train components.

What's new

The Vision Series, the next generation of Vogele full-sized asphalt pavers, was likewise introduced at Conexpo-Con/Agg by Vogele America, a member of the German-based Wirtgen Group. The Vision Series includes the 8-foot-class 5100-2 tracked and 5103-2 wheeled pavers, and the 10-foot-class 5200-2 tracked and 5203-2 wheeled units, each powered by Tier-3, six-cylinder Cummins QSB 6.7 engines. Vogele describes the Vision Series as "quieter, cooler and more productive than any competing pavers or Vogele America predecessor models. The Vision Series is a 'clean-sheet' design, although it incorporates time-proven Vogele Super Series technologies."

Operator stations on Vogele Vision Series pavers swing out from both edges of the machine, for visibility to the sides, behind and into the hopper. At the same time, the control console swivels, tilts, and slides from one side of the paver platform to the other. The self-tensioning conveyors of the Vision Series machines have hydraulic cylinders that keep them adjusted. Like the self-diagnostics, the self-tensioning conveyors are designed to allow the crew to spend less time on the paver and more time placing hot-mix asphalt. Vision Series pavers have independently operated hopper wings allowing one side or the other, or both, to be dumped at the same time. With the new models, Vogele has eliminated flow gates and implemented independent conveyor and auger drives. Augers and conveyors are reversible.

On the tracked Vision Series 5200-2 model, a strike-off plow or plate is located at the front of the machine, in front of the rubber tracks. The mechanically lowered device keeps the machine from going over a hump of material, or getting asphalt mix in the tracks. An optional hydraulic front apron eliminates a great deal of shoveling required in front of the paver by preventing the forward spilling of mix. As the hopper closes, the front apron rises, incorporating a long-time Vogele design from overseas.

Just prior to Conexpo-Con/Agg, Astec-owned Roadtec replaced the 8-foot-class RP-150 wheeled and RP-155 tracked models with the new Roadtec RP-170 and RP-175 models, leveraging a 12-percent increase in horsepower delivered by Tier-3 Caterpillar C6.6 ACERT engines. A slide-out seat design and operator control layouts previously introduced on Roadtec's 10-foot-class models are standard on the new 8-foot-class machines. New hydraulically driven cooling fans result in quieter-operating machines.

A year ago, Caterpillar itself rolled out the Cat C6.6 ACERT-powered AP600D, an 8-foot-class wheeled paver that can be equipped with front-wheel-assist or all-wheel-drive options. For better traction, the front-wheel-assist feature provides power to the front bogey wheels, and the all-wheel-drive option provides power to the front and rear bogie wheels. Caterpillar's dual swing-out operating stations with tilting consoles offer five different positions to enhance viewing in and around the machine and the jobsite. An Advisor Monitoring System located on the left operator station provides the operator with such tools as project-planning calculators, start-up checklists and engine operating parameters. The system also lists fault codes for machine functions.

The future?

Two years ago, much attention was afforded Terex Roadbuilding's then-recent offering of a combination material transfer vehicle/paver as part of the Cedarapids or CR product family. Dubbed a "RoadMix" model, the 48,300-pound CR662RM could be the wave of the future, "certainly from versatility and utilization standpoints," Terex paver applications specialist Bill Rieken said then. "The CR662RM has the same ground pressure as what a track paver has, and yet performs all the things a transfer vehicle would."

It's been a success, and in some cases an absolute thrill, Rieken says now. "I was on one job last summer in Ontario, Canada, where we used the RoadMix as a transfer vehicle and fed the RoadMix as a paver — the ideal scenario." That's not reality everywhere, but the perfect illustration of what is possible with the CR662RM, he says. "Everyone's aware of its versatility and its utilization as either/or, and it probably has a lot to do with how the specs are written in each state how it's utilized, whether they consider it for use as both, or just one or the other. Most contractors have picked it as a transfer vehicle or as a Remix paver, with little thought of going back and forth, but being aware that they can go back and forth.

"For example, the contractors who windrow-pave look at the RoadMix as a paver only, because they have a continuous-paving process in place and it fits that process really well, and it brings the windrow paving process to another level with more uniformity of temperature," says Rieken. "There's still a truck exchange with windrow-paving, and so the RoadMix minimizes the impact of temperature differential, maintains uniformity of density, and gives them a better ride. They get a better end-result."

In Illinois, where the CR662RM was demo'd as both a material transfer vehicle and paver, Rieken estimates the split is about 70-30 in application, respectively. "They have a spec for transfer vehicle required on the top lift," he says, "and they are extending the jobs that require those transfer vehicles. What contractors are finding is that they're having issues with temperature differential on truck exchange on the lifts where they are not required to use it. So they're using the machine as a paver on the lower lifts to minimize that truck exchange temperature differential without going to the expense of having a transfer vehicle, since it's not required, and then they convert it to a transfer vehicle for the final lift where it is required. So, over in Illinois, it's worked out just super to utilize it as both a paver and as a transfer vehicle."

Since the CR662RM's introduction in 2006, updates have occurred. A new, variable-pitch, in-hopper auger design increases material throughput via altered pitch spacing —transitioning from 10 inches in the front, to 11, and then to 12 in the rear. "It dramatically increased our throughput capabilities, as well as reduced our truck-unloading times, and it was a very positive improvement," says Rieken. "We've got some contractors that have larger plants and needed the extra production capabilities."

Other Terex paver upgrades include the boosting of load-bearing capacities on the 37,400-pound, 10-foot-class CR552 paver models. "We have a 500 Class insert in our hoppers that will hold 27 tons," says Rieken. "Where we really like to see the capacity is in the insert in the receiving hopper, rather than carrying it in a transfer vehicle. We feel that better achieves the uniformity of material temperature rather than having another storage van and transferring it — that just makes it more complicated."

Reducing complication is, indeed, the road mainline-paver manufacturers are surfacing these days.

The Cost of Ownership
Tracked Pavers (Size) List Price *Hourly Rate
* Hourly rate represents the monthly ownership costs divided by 176, plus operating cost. Adjusted operating unit prices used in the calculation are diesel fuel at $2.29 per gallon, mechanic's wage at $45.39 per hour, and money costs at 5.125 percent.
Source: , phone 800/669-3282
19,000 – 24,999 pounds $194,293 $108.08
25,000 – 28,999 pounds $260,128 $154.48
29,000 – 34,999 pounds $411,447 $225.57
35,000 pounds and up $508,420 $262.37
Wheeled Pavers (Size)
19,000 – 28,999 pounds $341,878 $171.47
29,000 – 34,999 pounds $362,160 $190.37
35,000 pounds and up $416,111 $234.30

Paver Specifications (19,000 pounds and up)
Model* Operating Weight (lb.) Basic Screed Width Max. Paving Width Hopper Capacity (tons) Gross Engine Output (hp) Undercarriage Type
* Models listed may not be actively marketed or promoted by manufacturers at this time, but do remain pertinent in the marketplace today according to the industry experts at
Source: Spec-Check Xpanded Specs (as of January / 09)
Bomag BF6615 20,500 8'0" 15'0" 9 99 Steel Tracked
Volvo ABG 2820 20,922 4'11.1" 13'1.5" 6.6 86 Steel Tracked
Volvo PF161 23,000 8'0" 19'0" 9.8 107 Wheeled
LeeBoy 8816 25,000 8'0" 15'6" 10 130 Steel Tracked
Volvo PF2181 27,650 8'0" 21'0" 11 158 Wheeled
Terex CR352L 28,760 8'0" 20'0" 10 160 Wheeled
Volvo PF3172 29,870 10'0" 21'0" 11.4 158 Wheeled
Terex CR362LS 30,335 8'0" 20'0" 10 160 Steel Tracked
Terex CR362L 31,450 8'0" 20'0" 10 160 Rubber Tracked
Volvo PF4410 31,500 8'0" 25'0" 8.5 158 Rubber Tracked
Vogele Vision 5103-2 31,700 8'0" 15'0" 12 170 Wheeled
Vogele Vision 5100-2 32,600 8'0" 15'0" 12 170 Rubber Tracked
LeeBoy 9000 Rubber Tire 33,000 8'0" 15'6" 11 173 Wheeled
Dynapac F 121 W 33,069 8'2.4" 16'4.8" n/a 158 Wheeled
Dynapac F 121 WD 33,069 8'4.8" 29'0" n/a 163 Wheeled
Dynapac F 141 WD 33,069 8'4.8" 24'0" n/a 188 Wheeled
Terex CR452 34,595 10'0" 28'0" 14 220 Wheeled
Barber-Greene BG230D 35,310 8'0" 20'2" n/a 130 Wheeled
Caterpillar AP800D 35,310 8'0" 20'2" n/a 130 Wheeled
Roadtec RP-170 36,300 8'0" 16'0" 11 174 Wheeled
Terex CR452RX 36,395 10'0" 28'0" 14 220 Wheeled
Caterpillar AP600D 37,251 8'0" 20'2" n/a 173.5 Wheeled
Terex CR462S 37,325 10'0" 28'0" 14 220 Steel Tracked
Barber-Greene BG225C 37,455 8'0" 20'2" n/a 130 Steel Tracked
Caterpillar AP650B 37,455 8'0" 20'2" n/a 130 Steel Tracked
Terex CR552 37,470 10'0" 30'0" 16.7 260 Wheeled
Dynapac F 141 CR 38,139 8'4.8" 29'0" n/a 197 Rubber Tracked
Roadtec RP-175 38,600 8'0" 16'0" 10 174 Rubber Tracked
Terex CR562S 38,640 10'0" 30'0" 16.7 260 Steel Tracked
Terex CR462 38,700 10'0" 28'0" 14 220 Rubber Tracked
Barber-Greene BG260D 39,320 10'0" 24'2" 14.5 224 Wheeled
Caterpillar AP1000D 39,320 10'0" 24'2" 14.5 224 Wheeled
Dynapac F 161 W 39,683 8'4.8" 28'10.8" n/a 197 Wheeled
Caterpillar AP655D 39,727 8'0" 20'2" 15.5 173.5 Rubber Tracked
Terex CR552RX 39,970 10'0" 30'0" 16.7 260 Wheeled
Volvo ABG 7820 40,170 8'2.4" 32'10" 14.9 231 Steel Tracked
Terex CR562 40,415 10'0" 30'0" 16.7 260 Rubber Tracked
Terex CR462RX 40,500 10'0" 28'0" 14 220 Rubber Tracked
Vogele Vision 5203-2 40,500 10'0" 25'6" 15.7 240 Wheeled
Vogele Vision 5200-2 42,500 10'0" 27'11" n/a 240 Rubber Tracked
Terex CR562RX 42,915 10'0" 30'0" 16.7 260 Rubber Tracked
Volvo PF6160 43,370 10'0" 26'0" 14.38 205 Wheeled
Volvo PF6170 43,670 10'0" 26'0" 14.38 205 Wheeled
Barber-Greene BG2455D 45,130 10'0" 24'2" 14.5 224 Rubber Tracked
Caterpillar AP1055D 45,130 10'0" 24'2" 14.5 224 Rubber Tracked
Vogele Super 1800-2 with Spray Jet 45,856 8'4" 16'5" 14.3 174 Steel Tracked
Roadtec RP-190 46,000 10'0" 17'0" 12 225 Wheeled
Roadtec RP-195 47,100 10'0" 17'0" 11.5 225 Rubber Tracked
Vogele Super 2100-2 47,180 8'2.4" 42'7.7" 15.4 244 Steel Tracked
Volvo ABG 8820 47,600 8'2.4" 42'8" 15.4 247 Steel Tracked
Volvo PF6110 47,614 10'0" 26'0" 14.38 205 Rubber Tracked
Terex CR662RM 48,300 10'0" 26'0" 16.7 260 Rubber Tracked
Vogele Super 1800 SF 55,116 8'4" 21'4" 14.3 187 Steel Tracked
Volvo ABG 9820 57,080 9'10" 52'6" 19.3 371 Steel Tracked
Roadtec SP-200 62,500 10'0" 19'6" 11 200 Steel Tracked


D-Series Adds 8-Foot Wheeled Unit


Utilizing a wheeled undercarriage that can be equipped with front-wheel-assist or all-wheel-drive options, the AP600D 8-foot-class asphalt paver is the newest addition to the Caterpillar Paving Products lineup, joining the 8-foot-class tracked AP655D and the 10-foot-class wheeled AP1000D and tracked AP1055D. At a screed-equipped weight of 38,000 pounds, the AP600D has dual operating stations featuring the Advisor display, as well as tilting consoles, a high-capacity cooling system, and a material-handling system with independent conveyor and auger controls. The AP600D can be fitted to the AS2252C or AS3251C screed, both featuring CANbus electrical systems interfacing with the Advisor display on the tractor. The optional Product Link system provides automatic machine location and hour updates used to schedule maintenance.



Product Line Expands Upward in Size


Introduced on Conexpo-Con/Agg 2008, the BF6615 is Bomag's first offering of an asphalt paver above 19,000 pounds. The goal of developing this tracked machine, says Bomag, is to offer the power and capacity that commercial paving contractors need for larger, high-production paving projects. The BF6615's new-design Unimat 2 full-width floating screed has a standard 8- to 15-foot paving width. The screed is electrically heated, eliminating the need to change propane bottles in the middle of a large project. The unit's 9-ton hopper capacity allows high-production paving to continue between trucks. Even with its power saving system, the new paver can push asphalt feeder trucks while maintaining working speeds up to 180 feet per minute. Each of the track drives is bolted to a cross-member frame structure and can be removed individually for maintenance.



Blaw-Knox Legacy Moves Forward


The 10-foot-class Volvo PF6000 Series of asphalt pavers is built on the legacy of Blaw-Knox technology, but also incorporates significant enhancements, including a redesigned undercarriage for improved traction. In addition, the auger system is now independent of the conveyor. Each of the two auger and conveyor drives uses sonic sensors for more precise handling of material. The conveyor system has chains that are automatically tensioned for proper performance and less downtime, and the conveyor chain cleans itself. Each of the PF6160 and PF6170 wheeled pavers and PF6110 tracked paver is powered by a 205-horsepower Cummins Tier-3 engine and equipped with a 30-kilowatt generator with four 100-volt outlets.



New Auxiliary Pump for Multiple Uses


The entire Terex Roadbuilding full-size asphalt paver product family is transitioning to the use of a higher-displacement auxiliary pump to facilitate the full use of multiple auxiliary functions at once, says Bill Rieken, paver applications specialist. Recently introduced, a variable-pitch, in-hopper auger design increases material throughput for the CR662RM RoadMix, a popular Terex Cedarapids model that can be configured as both a material transfer vehicle and a full-sized paver. The new pitch spacing — transitioning from 10 inches in the front to 12 inches in the rear — more aggressively channels material to the rear for faster truck unloading. A new conveyorassembly features a stationary lift conveyor with flights every other pitch, compared to ever third pitch previously.



A New Vogele 'Vision' Arrives



The next generation of Vogele asphalt pavers, the four-model Vision Series was introduced to the North American market at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2008: The 10-foot-class tracked 5200-2 and wheeled 5203-2 models are joined by the 8-foot-class tracked 5100-2 and wheeled 5103-2 machines. While incorporating Vogele Super Series technologies, the Vision Series pavers have a "clean-sheet" design. The slopes of the machine and hood allow the operator to see the sides, hopper and rear conveyors, without having to move around. The operator's stations swing out from both edges of the machine, and the control console slides from one side of the platform to the other, and swivels and tilts. Self-diagnostics are built into the new-generation machines.


Pavers Work Cooler, Quieter


Replacing the RP-150 and RP-155 models, respectively, Roadtec introduced the 8-foot-class RP-170 rubber-tired and RP-175 rubber-tracked pavers in late 2007. As with the other full-sized pavers in Astec's Roadtec family, the pavers are equipped with Cat ACERT Tier-3 engines, in this case providing 174 horsepower or a 12-percent boost in output over the predecessor models. Fuel capacity has been increased by more than 40 percent, and the use of new hydraulically driven cooling fans provides a claimed average drop of 4 decibels in noise emissions. The new slide-out seat design and operator control layouts previously introduced on Roadtec's 10-foot-class pavers are standard on the new 8-foot-class models.


VT LeeBoy

Rubber-Tire Model Joins Family Offering


A brand renowned for more compact equipment, LeeBoy rolled out a 33,000-pound rubber-tire paver, the 9000, at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2008. Now under the VT LeeBoy corporate entity, LeeBoy offers with this new model an 8-foot, electrically heated screed system, and a transversely mounted, low-profile Cat Tier 3 engine which, at 173 horsepower, is able to easily push larger tandem-axle trucks. A fume ventilation system pushes asphalt vapors away from the operator and screen areas. As with the 25,000-pound LeeBoy 8816B tracked paver model, the 9000 Rubber Tire offers variable paving width up to 15 feet 6 inches. The 8816B, powered by a 130-horsepower Cummins engine, features the heavy-duty, heated and vibrating Legend screed system.