Arxcis Offers Online Safety Training

Walt Moore | September 28, 2010
Using the Internet, an equipment operator can complete a safety course in one to two hours at home or at the worksite.

Arxcis, a safety-training firm, now offers classes online, allowing equipment operators, using the Internet, to work through multimedia courses at their own paces. Interactive diagrams, engaging formats and final tests, says Arxcis, increase content retention and mastery. Safety courses are available for forklifts, telescopic-handler forklifts, boom trucks, articulated boom trucks, RT and AT cranes, utility truck cranes, self-propelled aerial/scissor lifts, pedestal-mounted cranes, vehicle-mounted aerial lifts (bucket trucks) and overhead cranes. According to Arxcis, Hard Hat online training, available for $49 per person per class, meets OSHA standards and is continuously updated to reflect the latest standards. Supervisors or safety personnel can call 888-322-2867 or email to request a free online class for evaluation.