Artisan Precast Green Concrete Fence Alternative

September 28, 2010

Artisan Precast is offering an eco-friendly line of precast concrete fencing and walling solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and government projects.

In addition to utilizing eco-friendly products in the manufacturing process – including volatile organic chemicals (VOC) and mercury-free molds, water-based release agents, and recycled materials to reduce the use of cement – Artisan "greener concrete" solutions are made using recycled cementitious material to reduce the cement component of the product while yielding a psi strength of over 5,000. The concrete fence and wall alternative solutions last for decades and repairs are quick and easy.

Also, the wall and fence products are integrally colored in the factory, eliminating the need for painting at the project site. Further, as color is part of the concrete, ongoing paint maintenance is not required.