Articulated Utility Trucks Serve Underground Fleets

September 11, 2013

Atlas Copco has introduced a line of articulated utility trucks for use underground. Each of the vehicles has an articulated body with four-wheel drive and minimal turning radius, which combine for maneuverability in narrow drifts and at tight intersections, the company said.

New vehicles include:

  • The Chargetec ANFO charging truck, with a wide boom and man basket, provides charging in any direction. It features a high-density charging capacity of up to 22 tons per minute.
  • The Cabletec UV2 rock bolting truck allows Atlas Copco to offer a complete line of underground bolting vehicles.
  • The Filltec fuel and lubrication vehicle carries a 792-gallon diesel tank and three 132-gallon oil tanks.
  • The versatile Flatec truck, equipped with a crane, offers the benefits of a flatbed truck while hauling a variety of supplies.
  • The Mixtec concrete mixing truck has a capacity of 5.2 cubic yards.
  • The Perstec personnel carrier holds up to 14 crew members.

Available as a mobile workshop, the Worktec provides material transport for any tool or equipment such as a welder or a generator.

With a lifting height of up to 29.5 feet, the Liftec service trucks offer six boom configurations for optimal use in a variety of situations. The boom can be operated conveniently from the basket or seat.

The Scistec scissor lift can reach up to 18 feet with remote controls.

The new UV1 and UV2 Scaling trucks offer a wider variety of sizes for underground customers.

To supplement the original Atlas Copco Scaletec, the UV1 and UV2 Scaling trucks feature a folding Brokk 330.3boom system that covers 900 square feet and is for scaling work with powerful hydraulic hammers. It has a 21.7-foot outer turning radius.  

The UV1 carrier features a Deutz TCD2012 L4 2V, turbocharged, 4.04L EPA Tier III engine with a maximum power of 100 horsepower at 2,300 rpm. A DANA Clark FT-24000 full power shift transmission is included. With an outer turning radius of 20.5 feet and a smaller frame than its counterpart, the UV1 provides a reduced footprint and is more maneuverable in confined spaces. The Liftec, Chargetec, and Scaletec are available on either the UV1 or UV2 carrier.

The UV2 carrier comes with a Deutz TCD2013 L4 2V, turbocharged, 4.8L EPA Tier III engine with electronic fuel injection rated to 150 horsepower at 2,300 rpm. This setup develops maximum torque of 494 lb.-ft., with DANA Clark FT-24000 full power shift transmission, torque converter and gear box. The UV2 has an outer turning radius of 21.7 feet. The Scaletec can be mounted on either the UV1 or UV2. Utilizing the same boom system on both carriers, the Scaletec offers a hit area of 39 x 23 feet. The UV2 carrier is also an option for the entire new line of articulated utility trucks.