Apple Keeps Heat on Campus 2 Project Management

July 8, 2015

Apple is closely involved in the day-to-day construction of its Campus 2 project and every decision must be vetted through the company, reports Business Insider.

The site is shaped like an “O” and split into nine wedges, with Apple employees assigned to each specific geographic location to ensure design-build precision. The project costs an estimated $5 billion and will accommodate 12,000 employees.

“Every piece of the building is engineered. In other words, everything has been looked at and vetted and measured and mocked, from concrete joints to rebar placements,” one Apple employee told Business Insider.

According to an Apple employee who worked on the project, this project far exceeds the construction standard of other tech companies’ buildings due to all the local subcontractors and contractors brought together from across the U.S.

Apple Campus 2 is on schedule to be completed in late 2016.