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Another Atlanta Highway Failure

Just a bump in the road for Atlanta's drivers

April 17, 2017

Westbound lanes of I-20 between Candler and Gresham, Georgia, buckled Monday morning, throwing a passing motorcyclist from his bike.

Image: DeKalb County Police

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, crews were pressure testing an empty gas pipe with air, when a leak in the pipe caused the air to push up the pavement.

Witnesses said the motorcycle fell into the cracked pavement and tossed the biker on to the pavement. Fortunately, no cars hit him. Paramedic Dennis Pierre Charles said he had multiple fractures and probably a broken leg.

GDOT spokesperson Natalie Dale said the repair timeline will be contingent on how deeply crews need to dig to excavate and repair the gas line.

Currently, the two right lanes of I-20 westbound are open to traffic.

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