Amazon Opens The Spheres: Video

January 30, 2018

Today marks the opening of Amazon's new glass dome Spheres, where workers are encouraged to meet with coworkers, ponder the world as Amazon knows it, or just cool out.

The Spheres grand opening Monday revealed 40,000 plants housed in three glass geodesic domes recently completed in Seattle.  The Spheres are part of Amazon's ongoing construction project that will feature additional buildings in the three blocks and 3.3 million square feet that make up Amazon’s Denny Triangle campus. Take GeekWire's video tour of the Spheres here:

R. Buckminster Fuller would be proud.  While Fuller didn't design the first omnitriangulated dome, he was the first to name it 'geodesic' and was granted a patent on the design in 1954.

The real dome designer was German engineer Walther Bauersfeld who first began designing the dome to be used as a planetarium in 1912.

After World War II, Fuller championed the use of geodesic domes as an easily constructed, spacious, and remarkably strong structure. Fast fact: The geodesic sphere encloses the greatest volume for the least surface area.