Allight New Mobile Lighting Solutions

September 28, 2010

Allight’s new NIGHTSHIFTER series of mobile lighting solutions is Australian engineered to provide a crossover between mining and civil applications. The series incorporates manual 4000W and hydraulic 6000W models for ease of use, transport and maintenance.

With 350 degree mast rotation whilst the mast is fully extended and additional 120 degree two-way light tilt and mast raise via integrated control panel, the lighting output can be easily directed to the exact location required.

The NIGHTSHIFTERs feature Mine Spec Chassis and high wall capabilities. The all-rounders are built to take on related challenges of distance, climate and terrain; whilst the smaller size and compact ‘Space Saver’ mast design make the models well suited to construction and rental industries. The smaller footprint reduces transport costs across long distances – up to eight NH6000 towers and ten NM4000s can be transported on a single 40’ flatbed truck, sixteen NM4000s can be shipped via cargo container. Additionally, they can be licensed for road travel and towed for urban use or easy transport between mine sites.