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All-New XPRT Protection Plan for Gehl and Mustang Equipment

Part of 'Total Cost of Ownership' strategy for Gehl and Mustang compact equipment

July 05, 2016

Manitou Americas, Inc. introduces XPRT Protection Plan, an all-new extended protection program specifically designed for Gehl and Mustang branded equipment.

"XPRT Protection Plan offers wider coverage options, longer coverage terms, and a better value for the end-customer than the previous Power Protection Plan", stated David Harrison, director of After Sales for Manitou Americas.

"XPRT Protection Plan will provide customers additional confidence in their investment by reducing maintenance costs and improving the overall resale value of their equipment ; both of which are key components of our global 'Total Cost of Ownership' strategy". 

XPRT Protection Plan offers a great deal of flexibility with multiple customizable coverage levels up to 5 years or 6,000 hours, enabling the dealer and the end-customer to choose the plan that best fits their application, usage level, and financial budget.  Visit or for more information regarding the all-new XPRT Protection Plan.

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