Aerial Work Platform Training

Staff | September 28, 2010

A new safety campaign to encourage all users of boom-type platforms to wear a full-body harness with adjustable lanyard attached to a suitable anchor point has been launched by Aerial Work Platform Training (AWPT) in North America. Called "Click It!," the campaign has received the approval of the Scaffold Industry Association and other organizations and is similar to successful promotional campaigns encouraging people to wear their seatbelts when riding in a car. To remind and encourage the wearing of harnesses in a boom lift, AWPT had the advice printed on stickers that are designed to be placed on the boom lift where they can be seen by all occupants in the platform. In addition, a document titled "Technical Guidance Note AWPT H1" provides information on recommendations for the proper use of harnesses and lanyards on different types of aerial platforms. For further information, visit