AEMP Takes Neutral Stance on Clean Construction Act

December 13, 2011

AEMP (Association of Equipment Management Professionals), the premier organization for asset management professionals of off-road fleets, announces its stance on the proposed Clean Construction Act. Upon request to establish a viewpoint on the bill, AEMP’s Emissions Committee held a meeting with the board of directors to review in detail and discuss. The board of directors made a decision to take a neutral stance on the bill based on AEMP’s mission and its own established initiatives aimed at emissions reductions. Stan Orr, CAE, AEMP president and CSO, released a statement on behalf of the association and its board.

“We feel the responsible course of action is to adhere to what’s in the best interest of our members,” he said. “AEMP’s own green initiatives are dedicated to emissions reductions and supporting education for equipment professionals to better manage and control this at their discretion. Our members are educated, highly-skilled and ethical professionals that understand the environmental issues inherent to our industry. We provide them with the tools to make the best decisions, and thus feel they are qualified and able to effectively manage their fleets.”

Orr pointed out AEMP’s Green Fleet Certification as an initiative that provides for the industry to police itself, saying, “Our industry-wide program was created in an effort to increase public awareness of the industry’s efforts in the way of environmental care, and offer assistance to those taking the steps towards emissions reduction and a greener fleet. The program educates, incentivizes and recognizes individual fleets for their efforts.”

Additionally, AEMP offers a professional, industry-accepted certification program, the Certified Equipment Manager (CEM). A core element of the CEM program is environmental training and education. Members are educated on the various methods available to reduce their fleet’s emissions, as well as the cost/benefit analysis of each method.

Orr made one final statement, saying “Although we certainly support efforts to reduce air pollution, we believe in giving our members the tools and the right to choose the best method to do so. There is no one, single way to best manage a fleet, but there is a strategy that best fits each unique fleet. With the programs and level of education we offer, our members are able to choose the method that will best fit their fleet and be the most effective.”