AEMP Rewards Top Equipment Pros

Staff | September 28, 2010

Dale Warner, of C.J. Miller, won the 2006 Fleet Masters Award, co-sponsored by AEMP and Construction Equipment magazine. Warner, center, accepted the award along with members of the executive team of C.J. Miller.
Mark Adduce (center) of Ryan Central accepts his Technician of the Year Award from Bob Decker, chair of the AEMP Foundation, and Roger Mohr of John Deere.

The Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) set aside time during a busy conference schedule at its 25th Annual Meeting in Corpus Christi, Texas, to recognize people who exemplify peak performance among equipment managers and technicians:

Fleet Master:

Dale Warner's most recent accomplishment has been saving about $3.5 million over the past three years from C.J. Miller LLC's equipment operations. In 26 years as an equipment manager, Warner has developed systems and disciplines necessary to measure machine usage and severity using fuel consumption. He finds the measure more effective for managing service, predicting repairs, and replacing machines than hours or miles of use.

Technician of the Year: Public

Bruce Nelson, a technician with the Virginia DOT since 1998, graduated from Nashville Auto Diesel College in 1980 but has never stopped learning. He maintains ASE Certifications including Master Automotive with eight certifications, Master Medium & Heavy Duty Truck with seven certifications, Master Truck Equipment with three certifications and certification in Advanced Level Truck Diesel Engine Diagnosis — 19 ASE certifications in all.

Technician of the Year: Private

Mark Adduce had earned a bachelors degree in biology when he realized his interest in taking things apart and putting them back together was better suited to equipment mechanics than to the medical degree that he was pursuing.

Adduce is now a reliability technician with Ryan Central, in Janesville, Wis. He's responsible for the company's telemetric program, and uses it to ensure that Ryan's equipment works as it should. In daily diagnostics, Adduce has incorporated sophisticated technologies such as thermography, vibration analysis, elemental and LPC analysis.