AEMP Gives Green Fleet Certification to Euless, Texas

January 17, 2012

AEMP is proud to announce the Green Fleet Certification of the City of Euless, Texas. This marks AEMP’s first certified Green Fleet in the public sector. As the city’s fleet and facility administrator for 22 years, Kyle McAdams’ job duties run the gamut. The fleet service side centers on keeping each city department properly equipped, while the facility maintenance component includes assisting city employees on items such as building repairs and fixing heating and cooling systems. But his job duties don’t stop there.

McAdams is always seeking innovative ways to improve city services and ensure the citizens of Euless have the best possible fleet and facilities working for them. This commitment to excellence led McAdams to an early interest in cleaning up his fleet and alternative fuels. When he learned of the opportunity to achieve certification for his efforts, McAdams took advantage.

“Even putting aside the ethical component of doing the right thing, it’s a smart financial move,” he said, referring to greening his fleet. “We’re entrusted with our citizens’ tax dollars and we have to stretch those dollars to the best of our ability.”

The City of Euless and McAdams’ team plan to use AEMP’s Green Fleet Certification to help distinguish them in the ongoing grant process for further alternative energy efforts.

“Our Green Fleet Certification is something that further defines us as a leader in alternative energy and we’re very proud of that,” McAdams said.

Click here for more information on AEMP’s Green Fleet Certification initiative.

Source: AEMP