AEMP Conducts Membership Fleet Survey

Staff | September 28, 2010

In August 2009, AEMP members were asked to participate in a survey about their fleets. The survey questioned members on:

  • Core business
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  • Annual sales volume
  • Fleet replacement value
  • Maintenance budget
  • Acquisition preference
  • Purchase decision criteria
  • Fleet composition

The information gained from this survey is helpful in providing a snapshot of the typical AEMP member. The data demonstrates to the AEMP Strategic Alliance Partners the membership's purchasing and decision-making authority. AEMP Executive Director, Stan Orr, CAE, states the survey results "give a clear picture of the critical role AEMP plays in the industry."

Did You Know:

  • More than 45 percent of surveyed members describe their core business as "earthmoving and excavating."
  • Members describe quality as the most important purchase decision criteria. Relationships with the provider were ranked as the least important purchase decision criteria.
  • 96 percent of surveyed members utilize short-term rentals.
  • On average, an AEMP private fleet contains 1,075 pieces of equipment, including 24 crawler hydraulic excavators, 58 wheel loaders, 40 rollers and compactors, and approximately 213 light-duty trucks.
  • The average maintenance budget of an AEMP member is $7.4 million. AEMP members have a maintenance budget of more than $10 million.
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