AEMP and Construction Equipment, Introduce Regional Educational Classes

Staff | September 28, 2010

Travel restrictions and budgets are tighter than ever. With this in mind, AEMP and Construction Equipment have been busy developing a new educational offering: Best Education for Asset Managers (BEAM).

AEMP and Construction Equipment are committed to helping you and your organization succeed in a changing marketplace through professional development. This initiative offers intimate, high-level education close to home. This makes attending our educational offerings easier for those who may not have the time or funds to travel to the AEMP annual meetings. Seminars will be held multiple times each year, each in a different location.

According to Jim Phillips, Education Director for AEMP, "BEAM is an opportunity for us to improve service to the equipment industry by bringing up-to-date topics and expert speakers to regional learning sessions."

The first BEAM class will be held Nov. 12, 2009, in Cincinnati, Ohio. The topic will be "Repower, Retrofit and Anti-Idle Technologies." Industry expert Joe Mastanduno will share what asset managers need to know about seeking grants from the EPA and state regulatory agencies. The seminar will provide insight into the application process as well as the retro and repower technologies available.