AEMP, AEM Launch Joint Effort on Telematics

July 17, 2013

Task forces representing equipment manufacturers and fleet managers have cleared the way to work on details of an industry telematics data standard, to provide machinery end-users with a standard machine data communication feed.

Representatives from the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) have approved a proposal under which manufacturers would make telematics data available to end-user customers through a secure internet protocol. End-user customers would agree to only use telematics data to support their operational needs and not disclose it to third-party companies for the purpose of aggregation.

As part of the joint initiative, the AEMP and AEM task forces had both conducted confidential member surveys, AEM to help determine manufacturer types and level of data to release to end-users and AEMP to help assess the barriers to telematics usage and determine what types of data end-users need to effectively manage their fleets. The two groups shared survey results and will continue to clarify and define data parameters as they work toward a final standard.  The task forces will now appoint technical experts to more fully tackle issues such as how to measure performance-related data in a standard, meaningful format.

"AEMP successfully lead the industry’s first telematics initiative in 2008, and this is a natural next step in its evolution," said Bob Merritt, CEM and AEMP CEO/chairman and director of equipment, URS Corp. "It will benefit every end user who manages and maintains heavy equipment. It demonstrates AEMP’s commitment to the Equipment Triangle philosophy we embrace by building upon our mutual trust and respect for each party’s proprietary information.”

“AEM established its task force to help its members reach consensus on an industry telematics data standard that will enable equipment manufacturers to support the needs of their customers,” said Steve Gosselin, AEM’s telematics task force chair and vice president customer services support for Caterpillar.