AEM Updates Grader Safety Manual With Pictorials

July 15, 2015

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) updated its Grader Safety Manual with new “industry-recognized” pictorials that help communicate effective safety messages to equipment end-users.

The pictorial graphics conform to ISO and ANSI standards and are included in the AEM Pictorial Database.

The AEM Grader Safety Manual describes preparing for safe equipment operation, safe operation guidelines and important equipment maintenance.

The AEM Pictorial Database is a free online resource with more than 140 pictorials that can be downloaded through a variety of graphics and computer-aided design software packages. AEM created the pictorial database as an industry service to help companies communicate effective safety messages through consistent industry-recognized pictorial representations.

It is now available through the AEM Store

Below are a few examples of pictorials that can be downloaded through the database and what each signify.