Administration Seeks to Cut Clean Energy Research 72 Percent

February 1, 2018

The Washington Post reports the Trump administration is seeking to cut the Department of Energy's 2019 budget by 72 percent, targeting the department's renewable energy and energy efficiency programs. The Energy Department sends funds to 17 national laboratories, universities and companies around the country. Current budget funding is $2.4 billion. The proposed cuts would bring research funding to $575.5 million.

According to draft budget documents obtained by The Washington Post, the president's proposal would cut research in fuel efficient vehicles by 82 percent, eliminating $251 million in funding for electric and fuel efficient vehicle technologies.  Other cuts would include bioenergy technologies research dropped 82 percent, advanced manufacturing research cut 75 percent and solar energy technology cut 78 percent.

The renewable and efficiency programs represent about seven percent of the Energy Department’s overall budget. The majority of the department’s budget goes to maintaining the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile and cleaning up sites contaminated by federal nuclear programs.

Substantial staff cuts are also part of the draft proposal. Read the Washington Post's article here: