Administration to Ask Contractors for Greenhouse Gas Disclosure Info

June 2, 2016

The Obama administration is preparing to ask federal contractors to disclose more information about how they track their greenhouse gas emissions. 

Devin Henry reports in that the Federal Acquisition Regulation Council proposed a new rule that would ask federal government contractors to report on a host of greenhouse gas considerations. 

If the rule is finalized later this year, contractors will be required to state if and where they publicly disclose their greenhouse gas emissions information, as well as what their emissions reduction plans are, and if climate change poses a threat to their operation.

According to Anne Rung, the Chief Acquisition Officer, the rule will allow officials to engage with contractors to reduce emissions.

This idea isn't new. Last month, the Navy asked 100 suppliers what their emmisions were and what plans those companies have to cut them. The GSA has already based some contract decisions based on suppliers' emissions data.

The proposed rule doesn't require contractors to report what their emissions are, but only if they are tracking them and disclosing the information voluntarily.