Ad Campaign Honors the American Construction Worker

August 21, 2015

Ozinga Bros. in Chicago partnered with creative agency Cultivate Studios to create the “Born to Build” advertising campaign, which aims to “honor and celebrate” the people who work in the construction industry, reports Construction Equipment Guide (CEG). 

The goal of the campaign is to redefine and recognize what it means to be a construction worker, a profession which is often undervalued, said Tim Ozinga, co-owner of Ozinga Bros.

“Born to Build” is a three-phase campaign: billboards placed in 16 locations throughout Chicagoland, northern Indiana and south Wisconsin; a 60-second ad placed on television stations throughout the area, as well as radio ads; and an ongoing social media outreach on Facebook and other platforms.


“We have a lot of people that we are talking to that are interested in participating with us in the next campaign. I was most surprised by the reaction on Facebook. We posted the campaign commercial on there, with some supporting promotion, and the video has been viewed over 240,000 times and it was shared and liked by thousands,” Ozinga told CEG.