89% of Truck Fleets Would Pay Higher Fuel Tech Costs: Report

September 1, 2015

Eighty-seven percent of fleet managers surveyed by Calstart said they support increased fuel economy rules, and 89 percent said they would pay higher costs upfront if it led to overall savings.

A special focus in the Calstart’s report was on fuel consumption data. The analysis of higher fuel economy standards showed that the fleets with the highest mileage and fuel use would realize the greatest savings in fuel costs and the fastest vehicle payback. For example, fleets that operate Class 8 tractors typically travel over 125,000 miles per year.

The report also said lower-mileage work trucks, such as Class 3 vehicles that travel 25,000 miles in a year, could see fuel savings of up to $1,570 annually with technology payback in as little as 1.1 years. Utility trucks, and others with low mileage but high idling rates, might save up to $9,000 annually in fuel costs with payback of 3.5 years by "incorporating plug-in hybrid technologies and engine configurations that allow for 'engine-off' mode.

With diesel fuel prices projected to rise over the next 10 years, higher fuel economy standards could see these fleets saving up to $20,000 per year/per truck in fuel costs. These high-mileage operations could see their investments in fuel-efficient technologies paid back in as little as nine months.