40-Mile Asphalt Overlay Completed

By Aram Kalousdian, Editor | September 28, 2010

A 40-mile stretch of M-123 in Chippewa and Luce counties in Michigan's Upper Peninsula was overlaid with 69,000 tons of 13A asphalt this past summer. The project began in July and it was completed in August.

"A lot of the work involved super elevation corrections on all of the curves. We wedged the curves to put the super elevations up higher, and then we overlaid it. There were 59 curves on the project," Bill Dalgord, paving foreman for Payne & Dolan, said. Payne & Dolan was the prime contractor for the project. Milling was done at the butt joints and at some intersections. Hauling material to the job site was a challenge.

"We had to haul material from our plant in Ozark. The longest haul was 3-1/4 hours roundtrip," Dalgord said. There were 16 to 19 trucks hauling material for the project. The trucks were equipped with 48-ton Flowboys. "Everything went well. We didn't have any problems with scheduling," Dalgord pointed out.

The two-lane highway has lanes that are between 13 feet and 18 feet wide. Payne & Dolan used a Roadtec RP 180-10 paver for the project. "It's a very smooth-running machine. It's a very dependable paver. We've had it for 11 years and it has rarely had breakdowns. We also use a Topcon automatic on it. It is an ultrasonic system on the screed for grade and slope control," Dalgord said.


Project: M-123 asphalt overlay

Prime contractor: Payne & Dolan