4 New Videos Show Progress of Ohio River Bridges Construction

August 3, 2015

Four new videos that include drone footage captured the construction progress on areas of the East End Crossing of the Ohio River Bridges, not accessible to the public, reports WHAS 11 abc news.

The four new videos include information about the current status of construction, as well as renderings and animations that show what the East End Crossing will look like when it opens to traffic in late 2016. 


A video tour of the Indiana approach of the East End Crossing bridge construction: 


The East End Crossing will connect the eastern side of suburban Louisville, Ky., to Jeffersonville in southern Indiana.


Construction of two tunnels on the East End Crossing is among the most challenging components of the Ohio River Bridges project:  


The Kentucky approach is 3.5 miles of highway and includes widening Kentucky 841 from I-71 to U.S. 42: