360 Video: Bertha’s Close to Breakthrough

April 3, 2017

Seattle Tunnel Partners is making final preparations for the SR 99 tunneling machine’s arrival at the disassembly pit near Seattle Center. Because mining rates will continue to vary as crews approach the pit, they can’t predict when Bertha’s breakthrough will occur. As of today, Monday April 3, Bertha is less than 90 feet from her breakthrough. The video below provides a 360-degree look at the big tunnel machine and how it works.

WSDOT says they recognize that there is great interest surrounding this stage of the project, and are working on ways to share this historic moment with the public. They will be activating a new time-lapse camera as well as streaming video of the disassembly pit prior to breakthrough. These cameras will offer the best view of Bertha’s arrival in the pit. They will also continue to share photos and provide frequent updates via social media, including daily progress updates. For safety reasons, the public will not be allowed in the construction zone during the breakthrough. 

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