27th Annual SEES Show

September 28, 2010

The theme was “Sports Mania” all the way at this year's New England Chapter of the Society of Explosives Engineers (NESEE) annual Expo. Many vendors who attended the show were dressed in Red Sox and Patriots attire, making a festive sports atmosphere.

The NESEE show is the region's only event dedicated to the drilling and blasting industry. This is the second year the event was held at the Best Western Hotel in Marlboro, MA. The 27-year-old show typically features exhibits, raffles, a buffet, and a Toys for Tots drive.

This year more than 300 attended the show that had a silent auction at the end of an evening for decorations on the table, surf board and mirror, etc. Free hearing tests were also given throughout the day as well as free seminars.

More than 50 suppliers and distributors in the drilling and blasting industry were on hand to display products and services. Contractors, employees and friends were able to view the new techniques, supplies and equipment now available in the explosives industry.

In 1970, The New England Chapter of the SEE was originally known as The New England American Blasting Association. By 1979 the organization was re-named the American Blasting Association, and in 1980, the chapter joined the International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE). Today, the ISEE is one of the largest and most active chapters.

The association promotes technical education programs, discussions of regulations, safety issues, and meetings to address local concerns. Also offered are educational scholarships to students attending technical schools or universities, sponsorships for technical and non-technical meetings, and a golf tournament where proceeds are applied to the chapter's scholarship fund.

This year's officers include:

  • President – David Weidner
  • Vice President – David Beckwith
  • Clerk – Sandra Penttinen
  • Treasurer – Mark Pandiscio

The board of directors includes Paul Fleuriel, Kris Bingham, Doug Burns, Don McNeil, Paul Kretschmer, John Horgan, David Saunders, Fred Ronci, Darren Haggerty, Sylvain Noiseux, Michael Turner, Timothy Rath, and John Moran.

Terri Barton has been with the group since 1974.