2 Videos for Concrete Survival

March 24, 2016



You don't have to be a prepper to appreciate these innovative shelters. Some concrete and forward thinking have led to two designs to build an emergency refuge and a vacation haven.

The first shelter is the STATIM (Storm, Tornado And Tsunami Interconnected Module), a survival pod constructed of a series of watertight pre-cast concrete sections. Miguel Serrano, a principal of Brahman Developments, LLC, a Florida general contractor, spun off Brahman Industries, LLC to develop the STATIM project.

"I was looking for something that could survive the initial impact of a tsunami and then allow the survivors to remain protected while they wait for rescue," he says. His challenge was finding a building material that was cheap and readily available that wouldn't be too lightweight and unstable in floodwater situations.

"Concrete had all of the qualities I was looking for," he said. The STATIM is sealed and self-righting and will bob and float to the surface. An anchoring tether ensures the shelter won't be carried away.

Watch the STATIM video here:

The second video comes from KOLR10 in the Missouri Ozarks near Branson.

New developments are being built around the Ozark vacation and entertainment area but only one project will withstand an EF-5 tornado.

The Cabins at Maple Rock mix safety with style. Instead of building the 1,700 square foot cabin with 16-inch logs, "We poured 16-inches of concrete at a time, all the way around this thing,” says master craftsman, Doug Gross. For the artist touch and realism, the concrete is poured into mold that is a copy of a 100-year old hand hewn log.

Watch Doug Gross describe his work and the Branson cabins that can stop Mother Nature from ruining your vacation. Click here: