$1.5 Billion Solar Project Announced for South Carolina

November 2, 2017

Cypress Creek Renewables plans to invest $1.5 billion to build more than 80 projects that will bring 2 Gigawatts of solar power to 600,000 homes in South Carolina.

In partnership with Greenville Technical College, Cypress Creek plans to train up to 7,000 new solar workers, bringing the total number of South Carolina's solar energy workers to 10,000 over the next decade.

Cypress Creek Renewables’ initial $25,000 investment in Greenville Technical College’s Solar Training Center will support the development of new curriculum and provide scholarship assistance for students, with a focus on veterans.

“South Carolina’s solar industry, like every industry in our state, is growing and bringing new jobs and investment to our state. This new partnership between Cypress Creek Renewables and Greenville Technical College is an important step towards strengthening our energy workforce and creating opportunities for South Carolinians,” said South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster.

Matthew McGovern, CEO of Cypress Creek Renewables, said, “The solar industry has grown 17 times faster than the rest of the U.S. economy. Our partnership with Greenville Technical College serves as a model for how we can continue to create good paying jobs and opportunities for American families for years to come.”