10,000 Pound Generator Falls From Crane, Kills 2

February 22, 2016

A 5-ton generator was being hoisted by a crane Thursday morning at the construction site of the new Whippany Fire Department firehouse in Hanover, New Jersey, killing two young workers. The first man died at the scene, the second passed away at a hospital.

The generator was just 5 feet of the ground when two straps broke. The generator fell sideways and tumbled, hitting the two workers. They were not directly underneath the crane boom or generator when the straps failed.

The accident happened at about 11:30 am when the hoist straps apparently gave way, said Mayor Ronald Francioli. OSHA records show four of the companies working at the site had been cited for other serious safety violations:

  • Precision Building and Construction LLC of Phillipsburg, the general contractor onsite, paid a fines totaling $2,100 for two fall incidents including one from an unspecified height.
  •  City Erectors of Paterson, the company that provided the crane and the crane operator onsite, was fined $450 for a struck-by-object violation in 2009.
  •  Boz Electric of Hackensack, the company that employed the second fatal victim of Thursday’s incident, was cited twice in 2013 for wiring design and protection violations and paid fines of $6,500.
  •   Industrial Process & Equipment Inc of Sussex, the company that the first victim worked for, was fined $2,100 for endangering employees.

Social media said one worker was filling in at his father-in-law's site due to lack of work at his regular job.

Source: AP