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 Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders are versatile mobile shovels that transfer material from stockpiles to trucks, or transport material around job sites. Bucket sizes range from perhaps 1 cubic yard for small utility machines, to 20 cubic yards or more for large models in mining applications. Small and mid-sized wheel loaders frequently have an attachment coupler that allows them to use work tools such as forks, brooms, and lifting jibs.


Updated 524K-II, 544K-II, and 624K-II wheel loaders have improved fuel economy

The 835H wheel loader is Tier 4-Final with an operate weight of 24,000 pounds and 2.5-cubic-yard bucket.

The Cat 992K wheel loader matches up with the Cat 775 and Cat 777 haul trucks with a bucket capacity ranging from 14 to 16 cubic yards.

The WA270-8 wheel loader has a 149-horsepower Tier 4-Final Komatsu SAA6D107E-3 diesel

The 411, 417, 427, and 437 wheel loaders have been upgraded with Tier 4-Final engines


Big Iron
As fleet-using organizations accept and integrate technology across the operations front, equipment will become integrated more closely with operations.
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The new oils and forthcoming regulations on greenhouse-gas emissions are just the latest steps in the battle for cleaner air.
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What if a construction worker is alone in a remote area, falls, and is immobilized? How will they be located without the ability to place a call?
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Not much in life is 100 percent certain. Except for drones, maybe.

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