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 Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders are versatile mobile shovels that transfer material from stockpiles to trucks, or transport material around job sites. Bucket sizes range from perhaps 1 cubic yard for small utility machines, to 20 cubic yards or more for large models in mining applications. Small and mid-sized wheel loaders frequently have an attachment coupler that allows them to use work tools such as forks, brooms, and lifting jibs.


The Series III 844K wheel loader includes an aggregate handler configuration.

The 244K-II and 324K wheel loaders have a 70-horsepower certified Tier 4-Final engine

Recent engineering enhancements to the Tier 4-Final Cat M Series small wheel loaders (926M, 930M, and 938M), as well as the K Series models (924K, 930K, 938K), include a new secondary display module option that improves operator interface and navigation, and makes available a host of special payload management and service options.

Product updates for Cat M Series medium wheel loaders (950M, 962M, 966M, 972M, 966M XE, 972M XE, 980M, and 982M) include new Cat Connect Technologies.

Case G Series wheel loaders span seven new models (521G to 1121G) scaled for work ranging from supply yards, building construction, and agriculture, up to quarries and mass excavation. The introduction brings the entire product line to Tier 4-Final compliance using SCR technology.


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