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Volvo PL4809D Pipelayer

The PL4809D excavator-based pipelayer can lift 90 tons and can rotate 360 degrees.

February 05, 2014

The PL4809D excavator-based pipelayer can lift 90 tons and can rotate 360 degrees. As with others in the line, the machine can convert to an excavator by swapping the pipelayer boom for an optional digging boom. More than 80 percent of the parts are common to other Volvo excavators, the company says. When holding a load on a slope, or during tie-ins, a heavy-duty mechanical slew lock fixes the superstructure at every 10th degree in relation to the undercarriage, protecting the transmission and providing excellent precision and security.

The unit has 30-inch tracks with 36- or 41-inch tracks available as options. The extra-wide undercarriage is retractable. Newly designed undercarriage counterweights are located to the side of the machine for a low center of gravity and stability.

A mechanical anti two-block device has a wireless transmitter. The PL4809D’s load management system (LMS) includes wireless sensors on the hook, boom and base machine that feed data concerning the boom angle, machine orientation and inclination to an in-cab computer, which calculates and displays actual loads and related working loads, all in real time. There are also visible and audible warning signals that notify the operator when the safe load limit is reached, including green / yellow / red light bars on both sides of the boom.

Volvo PL4809D Specifications

  • Engine: Volvo D13H, T4-I
  • Max. operating weight: 142,000 pounds
  • Max. tipping capacity: 226,000 pounds
  • Max. rated capacity: 110,000 pounds

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