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Volvo P7820C, P8820C ABG Asphalt Pavers

The P8820C ABG tracked paver paves up to 42.7 feet wide; the P7820C ABG paves to 36 feet.

February 25, 2013

The P8820C ABG tracked paver paves up to 42.7 feet wide; the P7820C ABG paves to 36 feet. North America models have a Volvo D8 Tier 4-Interim 7-liter engine: the P7820C with a 235 horsepower engine, and the P8820C with a 268 horsepower unit. An operator-selected smart power mode immediately lowers power to 1,600 rpm, reducing fuel consumption by up to 30 percent, Volvo says. The seat position can be adjusted, and central control panel can swivel, tilt and extend. It also features the Electronic Paver Management II (EPM II) system that guides the operator through working functions, monitors fuel consumption, and contains a Service Interval Manager and Settings Manager. The Service Interval Manager alerts the operator when required maintenance is due. The Settings Manager allows operators to save settings, which can be recalled when similar conditions are present. The P7820C hopper capacity is 29,760 pounds; the P8820C, 30,860 pounds.

Volvo Asphalt Paver Specifications


  • Minimum basic width: 8.2 feet
  • Max. working width: 36 feet
  • Engine power: 238 horsepower
  • Paving output: 900 t/h


  • Minimum basic width: 8.2 feet
  • Max. working width: 42.7 feet
  • Engine power: 272 horsepower
  • Paving output: 1,213 t/h

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